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By Everley Aldridge and Josie Chasiotis February 13, 2024

Boys ice hockey with Matthew Lorelli   Over the last four years, the boys’ varsity ice hockey team at North has encountered many losses stemming from a consistently minimal player count. Despite...

Take down on the voids

Take down on the voids

By Gabby Miller and Nick Saigh January 31, 2024

Underclassmen have ended the Grosse Pointe North’s varsity wrestling team’s streak of voids. Despite the team’s talent and passion, until this season, the team couldn’t escape voids — automatic...

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Quick Hits

By Rachel Rumschlag and Kate Kasuba January 26, 2024

Girls synchronized swimming with Juliette Aouad Senior captain Juliette Aouad has participated in synchronized swimming since seventh grade. As a leader, Aouad hopes that North’s synchronized swim...

Flipping back into gymnastics: North’s gymnastics team is seeing a return of gymnasts after leaving the sport in previous years.

Flipping back into gymnastics: North’s gymnastics team is seeing a return of gymnasts after leaving the sport in previous years.

By Allie McIntyre and Josie Cueter December 20, 2023

Specializing in floor and beam, sophomore Emily Bania might be new to the team, but she is not new to gymnastics.  After taking a year off the sport, many new players are returning to Grosse Pointe North...

Quick Hits

Quick Hits

By Gianna Roux and Lauren Kaled December 19, 2023

Dance team with Tessa Ragle: Even though sophomore Tessa Ragle has been dancing for the past 12 years, she just joined North’s dance team this year. Although she hasn’t been on the team long, Ragle...

The NHL has changed its position more than once on the use of Pride Tape by its players. Some hockey players, like North’s own John Cueter, want to see more opportunities to express support for social issues on the ice. “I do feel like players should have the autonomy to express themselves [on the ice],” Cueter said.

NHL’s Pride Tape controversy: A sticky situation

By Sage Cole, Staff Reporter December 8, 2023

In June, following the 22/23 season, the National Hockey League made an executive decision to ban themed warm-up jerseys during special nights, including all military, Hockey Fights Cancer and the rainbow...

Your friendly neighborhood basketball league

Your friendly neighborhood basketball league

By Mia Stephanoff and Gabe Goode March 8, 2023

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STICKING TOGETHER | Through a successful hockey season, something junior Ella Dobbs finds very beneficial to the team’s skillset is their close-knit bond. “I think that because were all so close we know how everyone plays,” Dobbs said. “We know everyones positives and negatives on the team and we know how they play.”

Skating through the season: Varsity girls ice hockey team finds success on the ice

By Kaitlyn Barr and Mia Schultz March 8, 2023

The varsity girls' ice hockey team has found success on the ice this year, achieving a record of 14-5 in addition to improved stats and performance compared to the  2021-2022 season. The team has devoted...

SWEET VICTORY | The French team held up their flag and trophy after their victory over the German class. French teacher Amy Olenzek had very positive things to say about the teams victory. “They did really well and it was a fierce game,” Olenzek said.

Battle of the languages: French and German classes face off in basketball match

By Shayla Andrews and Maggie Dunn February 17, 2023

French and German students stood across from each other in the gym on Feb. 3, waiting for the rival basketball game to begin. The German students had challenged the French students earlier in the week,...

FACING UNCOMFORTABILITY  | Passion for the sport is what pushes junior captain Preston Auld to take on the challenges that come with wrestling. “My favorite part about wrestling is how hard [it makes you work],” Auld said. “It really makes you comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

Meet the team on the mat: Get to know the wrestling team

By Mia Stephanoff and Sofia Gualdoni February 8, 2023

If there’s contact, there’s a foul called. But not in wrestling. This physical sport requires high intensity filled with body slamming and hits to the face. Wrestlers display their strength and skill...

DON’T LOOK BACK | The positive, future-focused mentality that Rob Johnson has brought to the varsity basketball team is something that junior and varsity basketball player Brady Beers believes has improved their game. “Coach Johnson is very big on the mental aspect of the game,” Beers said. “He always wants the team to focus on the next play, and not dwell on the mistakes we made in the past, and I think that’s very helpful for the team.”

Passing the ball : Johnson continues father’s coaching legacy

By Grace Cueter and Sophia Gauldoni January 11, 2023

Leaving the gym after a day as a youth summer basketball coach, Rob Johnson knew that he had discovered something he was passionate about. As a high school junior, Rob Johnson realized that he wanted to...

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