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SHOWING SUPPORT | Ronan MacMaster stands outside of the theater after his play was performed at Michigan State University and attended by his AP Literature and Composition class, chaperoned by his teacher Jillian McDonald. “It was very mature for a highschool student,” McDonald said. “It was really cool to see it come to life on stage.”

MacMaster’s play is “As good as it gets”

By Christina Shea and Lauren Kaled May 31, 2023

Upwards of 1,000 students submitted their written plays to Michigan State University’s 27th Annual Young Playwrights Festival which provides applicants with the opportunity to have their play produced...

Rokicki’s aviation career takes off: Senior is second in family to acquire pilot license

Rokicki’s aviation career takes off: Senior is second in family to acquire pilot license

By Grace Cueter and Christina Shea April 13, 2023

When he obtained his pilot’s license on Feb. 18, senior Ethan Rockicki’s lifelong dream of becoming a pilot took to soar. Starting the process at the age of 16, Ethan Rokicki worked for two years,...

SWEET VICTORY | The French team held up their flag and trophy after their victory over the German class. French teacher Amy Olenzek had very positive things to say about the teams victory. “They did really well and it was a fierce game,” Olenzek said.

Battle of the languages: French and German classes face off in basketball match

By Shayla Andrews and Maggie Dunn February 17, 2023

French and German students stood across from each other in the gym on Feb. 3, waiting for the rival basketball game to begin. The German students had challenged the French students earlier in the week,...

New brand, Horizon Peaks, to hit the market

New brand, Horizon Peaks, to hit the market

By Kaitlyn Barr and Lilly Kline February 3, 2023

Not many people can say that they own a company before they can legally drive a car. However, sophomore business owner James Shefferly is one of the select few. Shefferly intends to officially launch...

SELF SUPPLIED|  To customize her products Beers uses her own resources,  “In order to make my clothing I use an iron on material and my cricut machine to cut out the design I want,” Beers said.

Shop designs by Cam

By Kate Bania, Gabby Miller, and Lauren Shipe January 11, 2022

Some creative and business-owning students at North have begun to spread their art to more people by selling their products in online shops. Sophomore Cameron Beers shows her creative side through the...

Supply chain crisis affects this holiday season

Supply chain crisis affects this holiday season

By Farrah Fasse and Gabby Miller November 17, 2021

When shopping online, consumers have seen out-of-stock messages on items go up 250 percent in Oct. 2021 compared to Jan. 2020, according to data from Adobe Analytics. As a result of a set of complex issues,...

Norsemen tide doesnt come to play

Norsemen tide doesn’t come to play

By Christina Shea and Olivia Dodenhoff October 29, 2021

Over the last year, Norsemen Tide has dominated the student section at North sporting events.  Norsemen Tide is a group that aims to support and encourage student athletes during their games. Senior Mitchell...

“When she [Phoebe Bridger]  played ‘I know the End’ and everyone was screaming,” Bernas said. “That was awesome.”

Concert comeback

By Annabelle Julien, Section editor October 28, 2021

Though the global pandemic is not fully behind us, the general public has been falling back into a more normal routine. With this, concerts are beginning to resurface.  For senior Eleanor Bernas, who...

Senior Elliot Millican has always been a creative person who prefers handmade goods. “I kinda like to have a thing where I need to make my own stuff instead of buying other peoples stuff,” Millican said.

Senior’s small business

By Kaitlyn Barr, Staff Reporter February 24, 2021

Senior Elliot Millican has always been very interested in art and making their own things. So, when Millican saw Instagram accounts beginning to sell jewelry, they decided to hop on the trend, creating...

Junior Helena Haney’s hat business is running smoothly financially.  She’s already made hundreds of hats to give and hundreds more in dollars of profits to give.  “I think Ive sold over 300 hats now, and I raised about $890 for charity,” Haney said.

Students giving back this winter season

By Drew Lovell, Intern December 22, 2020

Although many students, teachers and community members have been plagued by challenges as a result of COVID-19, many students are still finding ways to make differences in the community. Junior Helena...

Working during quarantine

By Arei Swain, Intern May 29, 2020

During quarantine, there have been many adjustments that students had to make, one of them being balancing a job and still taking care of their school work. Since quarantine has freed up some time, this...

Over 50 runners joined Michaels in her race through quarantine. I was so inspired by everyone who ran with me, Micheals said.

Science teacher runs Boston Marathon despite postponement

By Gabbi Bielak, Staff Reporter May 8, 2020

When the Boston Marathon got postponed due to COVID-19, science teacher Elizabeth Michaels decided she was still going to run the race on April 20th. She ran two miles every hour for 13 hours, finishing...

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