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On board with the rowing team

On board with the rowing team

By Gabe Goode, Staff Reporter May 19, 2023

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STICKS UP | Edison Jarvi is ecstatic that he got to see himself and his teammates have a win. “We had an overtime win against LAnse Creuse North, that was great to see a lot of the new guys just experience a close lacrosse game and then experience a win,” Jarvi said.

Battle of the lax’s: Differences between boys and girls lacrosse

By Shayla Andrews and Gianna Roux May 18, 2023

Suited up in their helmets, padding and gloves, the boys lacrosse team can be seen walking onto the field ready for a fight. However, the girls lacrosse team walks onto the same field only wearing...

THE RIVALRY CONTINUES| Although they practice together, there is still some tension between the North and South sailing teams, according to junior co-captain Kate Bania. “We also practice with the Liggett team and they have like four people,” Bania said. “ The South team is also there and they have like 20 [sailors]. There is definitely some rivalry.”

The season sets sail

By Sofia Gualdoni and Lauren Veitengruber May 10, 2023

Before the season began, the sailing team posted flyers around the halls in an effort to spread the word about their team and increase their numbers. With nine sailors on the team, they are trying to recruit...

Hitting off the day with varsity girls tennis

Hitting off the day with varsity girls tennis

By Jo Jackson and Lauren Veitengruber April 26, 2023

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A POLISHED DIAMOND |  The new turf is a major change for both players and coaches. JV softball head coach Amy Zaranek Gaidis is looking forward to the consistency and cleanliness that the fresh turf will bring. “I loved our dirt field and that is where we played on when I was here, but I think the turf will be a nice upgrade,” Zaranek said.

Home turf advantage

By Madi Lucido and Allie Mattes April 11, 2023

Sloshing through muddy grass while tracking a ball overhead, leaving the field with dirt-stained jerseys, and feeling the disappointment of a rain delay is no longer an issue for the baseball and softball...

Mask up or ride the bench

Mask up or ride the bench

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2021

It’s been a year, and some of us still don’t get it. We’ve been over this. Wear. A. Mask. Believe it or not, we’re still in a pandemic, and for those of us in struggling areas (like Michigan),...

The girls lacrosse team leaves space between seats on the bus ride to Troy Athens. “The number of players is lower this season than in past seasons but thats because of a lot of factors,” Nixon said.

Participation pending in spring sports

By Bella Yoakam and Arei Swain April 30, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year has been more abnormal than previous years. Many student athletes have been affected by COVID-19, leaving them with the decision to participate in sports or not.           Junior...

Athletic trainer Kierra Washington says that she and fellow athletic trainer Tara Winton arrive at school early Monday morning in order to set up the tables for athletes to test at. “...Right at seven oclock, we get started, we have them open up their little testing kit that comes with their nasal swab, and we just direct them literally step by step of what they should do,” Washington said. “So they open up the testing kit, place it on the table, we have the coaches and administrators come over and put the drops in that help read the test, we have them swab their own nose, stick it in a test kit, and then they wait 15 minutes, and then we read the test.”

Mandatory COVID-19 testing for athletes continues

By Farrah Fasse, Section Editor April 30, 2021

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, rapid tests have been administered to traditional and OneGP Virtual spring athletes each Monday before and after school, respectively. The tests only take around...

Lacrosse player Clare Ramsdell said that after a year long hiatus from the sport she is excited to begin playing again. “I’m excited to finally get back on the field for lacrosse since we’ve had so much time off, Ramsdell said. It’ll definitely be difficult to get back in the swing of things, but I am just happy we are able to play.

Safety protocols required for spring sports season

By Alexa Mazzola, Intern March 29, 2021

With the delays to the beginning of the spring sports season, many athletes are questioning how things will be moving forward.  According to the Michigan High School Athletic Association, spring sports...

Advantage or obstruction?

By Amelia Nowicki and Robert Maddox April 13, 2020

To many student athletes, sports advantages are anything but new. Whether these assets include cutting-edge equipment or a thought-out game plan, it is apparent that teams and players have various ways...

Robinson during a game while on the varsity baseball team. Robinson currently plays for Central Michigan University.

Field of dreams

By Yena Berhane and Emma Puglia June 9, 2016

It’s tied in the sixth inning, and alumnus Daniel Robinson looks up to the pitcher before he swings. Fans chant, but it’s no longer shouts of green and gold. “Fire up Chips,” hums from a sea of...

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