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Superintendent search calls for student feedback

Superintendent search calls for student feedback

By Alexa Mazzola, Intern April 30, 2021

As the search for the new district superintendent continues, a meeting between the search firm and a group of selected students allowed the latter to voice their opinions on the matter. In agreement with...

Jack Gehlert 

Desired position: President 

About me: My name is Jack Gehlert, and I enjoy being involved in the general community and helping others around me. Helping people succeed is what motivates me.

My goals: I plan to continue the persistent work that Student Association has undertaken over the past few years. 

Why me: My drive to help others can translate into how I lead Student Association. It will motivate me to continue to be involved, leading others to also enjoy providing for the school.

2021 Elections

By Grace Rossman and Annabelle Julien April 19, 2021

Student Association Student Council Class of 2022 Student Council Class of 2023 Student Council Class of 2024  

Following the cancellation of final exams to close the 2020-2021 school year, many are concerned as to whether or not testing will make a return in the future.

District to cancel final exams to close out 2020-2021 school year

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief April 19, 2021

On March 23, district administration announced the cancellation of second semester exams for both virtual and in-person high school students. According to an email sent to families within the district,...

The search for Niehaus' successor

The search for Niehaus’ successor

By Colin Duffy, Social Media Editor March 22, 2021

With summer on the horizon — and the end of the 2020-2021 school year — the search for superintendent Dr. Gary Niehaus' successor is well underway. Junior Gabe Loper has followed the search closely...

Social studies teacher Bridget Cooley believes students may struggle with the changes throughout their day. “I worry most about students that don't feel comfortable coming back,” Cooley said.

Full house: back at full capacity after a year

By Arei Swain, Staff Reporter March 22, 2021

Despite many doubts that it would work, the hybrid schedule was mostly successful, but many think that the school board is being even more optimistic by bringing back students full time.  This means...

Keeping up with COVID-19

Keeping up with COVID-19

By Kaitlyn Barr and Sophia Dragich March 22, 2021

Junior Anneliese Lechner was one of the many students who volunteered to participate in the free COVID-19 testing offered to all North students on March 9.  Lechner said the process was well-organized...

Bring your own device program allows expanded use of technology in classrooms

Bring your own device program allows expanded use of technology in classrooms

By Alexa Mazzola, Intern March 17, 2021

The altered school year came along with a new medium of learning. Students now bring their own devices to school, improving the chance of fully contact-free schooling. With this year being the first of...

Board votes on return to face-to-face learning

Board votes on return to face-to-face learning

By Grace Cueter and Farrah Fasse March 3, 2021

On Feb. 8, after two hours of public comments from parents, students and teachers, the Board of Education voted unanimously to approve the district administration’s plan to return to full time face-to-face...

Although a return to in-person learning has brought a sense of normalcy back to many students' lives, classrooms look very different from what students are used to. Senior Maddie Kohler believes that some of these changes are preventing her from getting the most she can out of school. “I’m collaborating with other students, so not being able to come close to one another within the classroom can be upsetting and inhibit my own learning,” Kohler said.

Secondary schools resume in-person class instruction

By Michael Hartt, Editor-in-Chief February 2, 2021

Senior Sarah Shanley, after months of being subjected to an online school environment as a result of COVID-19, is very relieved that she returned to school in person instruction at North on Jan. 28. “I...

The psychological impact of Covid-19

The psychological impact of Covid-19

By Brandon Miller, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

While Covid-19 is a dangerous health concern within itself, research has found that there is another risk involved in being separated and quarantined from one another that cannot be ignored. In recent...

“ goal is to try to get everyone to kind of create connections with other people,

Wellness Wednesday seminars offered for mental health support among students

By Brandon Miller December 17, 2020

New amidst remote learning, Wellness Wednesday seminars are a new opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers that they may not otherwise get a chance to see, as well as offer a forum...

New remote learning plan takes effect on Dec. 7

New remote learning plan takes effect on Dec. 7

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2020

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the district introduced the altered remote learning schedule for students. The plan, taking effect Monday, Dec. 7, implemented a new schedule structure and set of virtual guidelines,...

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