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New Year, new me

New Year, new me

By Elly Meteer, Gianna Roux, and Lauren Kaled February 1, 2024

“New year, new me” is a phrase commonly used by people who are looking to abandon bad habits and pick up better ones at the beginning of the year. Questioning the effectiveness of New Year’s resolutions,...

THE 3:05 RUSH |On the last day before break, students like senior Rocco Cardinale can be seen swiftly exiting towards their cars. “Leaving school on the last day before break is so exciting because it means a week of no school and hanging out with friends and family,  Cardinale said. “Breaks may not be inclusive to every culture, so that person may not be celebrating something, however, it does give them a week off of school and a stress-free week of no homework.”

Break schedule doesn’t quite fit the calendar

By Stephanie Karoutsos, Gabby Miller, and Molly Lau December 19, 2023

As the festive season arises and students eagerly anticipate the beginning of winter break, they seek the opportunity to share precious moments with friends and family. There is a favoring of Christian...

PROS AND CONS |  Despite the obstacles of the physical PSAT, junior Jhimil Chhaya appreciates the benefits that a digital format cannot provide. “A challenge of the paper PSAT was the timing and long reading passages, but I also preferred having a physical copy to annotate which is harder to do on a computer.”

Test-taking enters the digital age

By Troy Lipscomb, Lindsey Grice, and Molly Lucido November 17, 2023

PSAT takers saw a 21st-century revamp to a nearly one-hundred-year-old test when the digital PSAT debuted on Oct. 10. Since the College Board made this executive decision to switch to digital, students...

CREATIVITY IN CRISIS | The former Creative Writing classroom sits empty since the course is not running during the 2023-2024 school year.  English department chair Kristen Alles has empathy for the students who weren’t able to take the class, and wishes for its return future. “Having a class solely dedicated to Creative Writing is fun and I think it really helps foster that for students who really like Creative Writing,” Alles said. “I do feel bad for students who really want that [creative] outlet and art, but hopefully we can see it again maybe next year hopefully it’s not cut for good.”

Searching for knowledge: Students seek alternate classes

By Isabella Boedeker and Kate Kasuba October 9, 2023

  Last spring, the Grosse Pointe Public Schools School Board implemented a budget cut that drastically reduced North’s full-time equivalent (FTE) by 5.1. As a result, certain course offerings...

Model UN competes for the first time

Model UN competes for the first time

By Sage Cole, Maggie Dunn, and Troy Lipscomb June 7, 2023

In each meeting for the Model United Nations club, students learn to work together to find solutions to international issues that are relevant to society. The club began pre-pandemic, and was temporarily...

Throughout PhUn Day, Applied Med students educated kids about the heart and how it works. Susan Speirs said that the Applied Med students made PhUn Day possible. “The students in Applied Med have reached a level of expertise that theyre able to teach some physiology of their choice and this year they chose the heart,” Susan Speirs said. “So their whole idea was to look at the heart and how it functions. They work to design the T shirts, songs, designs, the teaching lesson, and then all of the different breakout sessions of the day.”

Physiology puts the P-H in PhUn Day

By Sasha Poradun, Staff Reporter June 7, 2023

Ever since the American Physiological Society started PhUn Day in 2010, the main objective has been educating children about physiology by bringing in medical specialists and medical research to K–12...

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students

By Katie Madigan, Wren Cueter, and Lilly Kline May 15, 2023

After being closed since the beginning of the school year to allow renovations to be made to the space, the school library is now back open for students to enjoy. With the adjustments that were made, such...

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

By Sage Cole, Troy Lipscomb, and Allie Mattes May 11, 2023

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is an American workplace tradition that allows children to experience first-hand what their parents do at their jobs and how their work contributes to  society. Bring Your Kid...

DRAWN TO THE ART | Viewing art from a detailed perspective is something the director of education for the DIA Jason Gillespie values most about contemporary art. In his program, Gillespie analyzed art from a selection of paintings from the DIA to show identity, power and representation in the art. “You think about the beautiful artwork that was created in the 17th and 1800s by enslaved African Americans in the South,” Gillespie said. “How could somebody living in those conditions create art? Thats power within. Its helpful to have this understanding of artwork and think about the power within a person.”

Exploring diversity in art: Diversity Club hosts third annual IDEA Week

By Ella McCarthy, Wren Cueter, and Sasha Poradun April 5, 2023

Students navigated how identity, power, and representation are used in art, film, and American pop music through time at Diversity Club’s third annual IDEA Week. School Social Worker Lauren Klein believes...

KEEPING HIS HOOPS HIGH | A special education teacher at Parcells and Norths Unified Basketball coach, Drew Kisskalt values his players and wants them to feel dignity and a sense of belonging to the school community. “Ive been a coach and a teacher for many years and all of my students and players are very special to me,” Kisskalt said. “But Unified Basketball is uniquely special in that it gives me the chance to be with students who dont always have a full menu of options.”

Running the court: Unified basketball team plays with heart

By Elly Meteer, Wren Cueter, and Sasha Poradun March 9, 2023

Cheerleaders in green and gold cheer from the sidelines, energetic fans shout in the stands and the Unified Basketball team plays their hearts out on the court. Throughout the season, the team has dedicated...

Community collaboration leads to record-breaking Charity Week

Community collaboration leads to record-breaking Charity Week

By Grace Cueter, Editor-in-Chief February 17, 2023

Student Association’s months of planning, weeks of preparation, days of work, hours of collaboration, and hundreds of phone calls came to a successful conclusion on Friday, Feb. 10. During the week,...

ECOLOGICAL EFFICIENCY |  The goal for co-owners of the Refill Emporium, Shannon Sweetwood and Whitney Wagner, was to create a space where the community can shop sustainably. “We live in an age with unnecessary packaging,”Sweetwood and Wagner said. “At Refill Emporium we use as little packaging as possible and currently carry over 70 refillable products.”

Reduce waste, reuse energy, recycle plastic: Incorporating sustainability locally

By Annabelle Julien, Jo Jackson, Mia Shultz, and Gianna Roux February 10, 2023

In an effort to become more environmentally conscious, community members have begun implementing more eco-friendly alternatives in everyday tasks, such as automatic lights in schools, stores run with reusable...

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