Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

Photo credit: Bella Yoakam

By Sage Cole, Troy Lipscomb, and Allie Mattes

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is an American workplace tradition that allows children to experience first-hand what their parents do at their jobs and how their work contributes to  society. Bring Your Kid to Work Day gave our North faculty kids a chance to experience what their parents do in a day at work. Student Association members planned the first Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019, with the support of administration and the help of SA Advisor Jonathan Byrne. Bring Your Kid to Work Day 2023 was held on April 21st and was attended by almost 50 of North’s faculty’s kids. 

The all day event included a well-planned range of activities from first through seventh hour. The goal was to have each Honorary Norsemen participate in the day in some way. Each kid was greeted by an enthusiastic member of the Norsemen family before getting started. Options throughout the day included: breakfast and cooking in the Student Union, visiting the planetarium, eating lunch in the library, learning about German or science, playing field games and singing in the choir room.  Byrne views Bring Your Kid to Work Day as an event that brings together our North family.

“Bring Your Kid to Work Day is important because it brings our school community closer,” Byrne said. “By exposing our children to the special environment we have created while also letting our students see that we are human beings with lives outside of school.” 

Many people were involved in the careful planning of the event which contributed to its popularity and success. Byrne expressed that he acquired help from Student Association members, multiple faculty members who ran interactive sessions, and head coordinator, Peggy Bonbrisco. The event required dedication from both teachers and students and resulted in young kids engaging in the North experience. Getting help for events this big is not difficult for Bonbrisco because Norsemen are ready to lend a hand. 

“The biggest part of planning is making sure we have enough Norsemen as guides and assistants throughout the day,” Bonbrisco said. “This isn’t hard to do because North students are just as excited to help and organize and visit with the kids.”   

For an Honorary Norseman, being able to see what their parents do in a day as a staff member is something that is highly anticipated and cherished for many kids in attendance. Honorary Norsemen, 5th grader Anna Sherman, was able to get insight into what her mother, counselor Jennifer Sherman does each day and see the impacts that she and other faculty members have on each student’s life.

“She’s a counselor so she can help people with their problems and make it better,”  Anna Sherman said.

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is an opportunity to create further meaningful connections within the Norsemen family while possibly influencing the next generation of educators. It’s also an opportunity for kids to get a glimpse into the working lives of their parents while having fun and learning new things. Thanks to the efforts of Byrne, Bonbrisco and many others, Norsemen will likely be able to participate in and enjoy this special day for years to come.  

 “It’s powerful for them to see how their parents are changing lives and it introduces them to a possible career in education,” Bonbrisco said. “And of course, they are excited about the awesome line up of classes that they will attend.”

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