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Seasonal allergies worsen as mask mandates are lifted

Seasonal allergies worsen as mask mandates are lifted

By Kaitlyn Barr and Thomas Jones May 13, 2022

Seasonal allergies are a yearly struggle for many. Across the wide range of possible allergens that cycle throughout the year, seasonal allergies tend to hit their worst in the spring and winter. Reina...

Blue Dolphins synchronized swimming team gears up for their routine season

Blue Dolphins synchronized swimming team gears up for their routine season

By Grace Cleary and Kate Bania March 1, 2022

As the Grosse Pointe United Blue Dolphins gear up for their routine season, they set goals for themselves to improve from figure season, where they perform one move at a time for a score. Head coach and...

TEAM CAPTAIN| Junior Annabel Ayrault says her leadership skills have improved since her start on the team. “Ive changed as a player because Ive had to step up and be a leader as a junior, which has definitely helped my confidence on the court,” Annabel Ayrault said. “This has also affected who I am as a teammate, because I have become more vocal, and feel like I can be someone my teammates rely on.”

Basketball in their blood: Ayrault twins dominate the game

By Grace Cueter and Olivia Dodenhoff January 31, 2022

This year’s basketball season has brought on excitement for fans watching the Ayrault twins’ successes on the court. Juniors Annabel and Adam Ayrault have drawn the attention of many, including...

Back in the game: GPPSS changes basketball mask protocols for athletes on the court

Back in the game: GPPSS changes basketball mask protocols for athletes on the court

By Sophia Dragich and Jo Jackson December 20, 2021

The Grosse Pointe Public School System adjusted its mask protocols for basketball games, saying athletes are exempt from wearing masks while playing on the court. However, players on the bench, coaches...

Senior Maddi Yee notices a correlation between cold weather and low motivation. “As the weather gets colder, I start losing motivation to do my work because I feel like I just kind of want to curl up in my bed,” Yee said. “When the warmer weather gets warmer, I feel that I get more motivated, because I can also like go outside, and that makes me want to do my work more.

The cold truth: Temperature’s negative impact on mental health

By Grace Cueter and Kyleigh Egli November 23, 2021

Within the past month, the Grosse Pointes have seen outside temperatures within the broad range of 30 degrees to 60 degrees. A 2020 study finds that inconsistent temperatures can be linked to mental health....

Senior night stalls due to COVID-19

Senior night stalls due to COVID-19

By Arei Swain, Social Media Editor November 9, 2021

Senior night is a tradition in school where a game is dedicated to honoring the seniors who participate in sports. The 2021-2022 varsity football team did not get to experience this tradition.  Darian...

Norsemen tide doesnt come to play

Norsemen tide doesn’t come to play

By Christina Shea and Olivia Dodenhoff October 29, 2021

Over the last year, Norsemen Tide has dominated the student section at North sporting events.  Norsemen Tide is a group that aims to support and encourage student athletes during their games. Senior Mitchell...

Underrated Summer Activities

Underrated Summer Activities

By Arei Swain, Staff Reporter May 27, 2021

With the school year ending soon and summer approaching, summer vacation is one of the main things on everyone's mind. After a long year of schooling, relaxing would be an ideal thing to do this summer,...

Mask up or ride the bench

Mask up or ride the bench

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2021

It’s been a year, and some of us still don’t get it. We’ve been over this. Wear. A. Mask. Believe it or not, we’re still in a pandemic, and for those of us in struggling areas (like Michigan),...

The girls lacrosse team leaves space between seats on the bus ride to Troy Athens. “The number of players is lower this season than in past seasons but thats because of a lot of factors,” Nixon said.

Participation pending in spring sports

By Bella Yoakam and Arei Swain April 30, 2021

The 2020-2021 school year has been more abnormal than previous years. Many student athletes have been affected by COVID-19, leaving them with the decision to participate in sports or not.           Junior...

Athletic trainer Kierra Washington says that she and fellow athletic trainer Tara Winton arrive at school early Monday morning in order to set up the tables for athletes to test at. “...Right at seven oclock, we get started, we have them open up their little testing kit that comes with their nasal swab, and we just direct them literally step by step of what they should do,” Washington said. “So they open up the testing kit, place it on the table, we have the coaches and administrators come over and put the drops in that help read the test, we have them swab their own nose, stick it in a test kit, and then they wait 15 minutes, and then we read the test.”

Mandatory COVID-19 testing for athletes continues

By Farrah Fasse, Section Editor April 30, 2021

In order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, rapid tests have been administered to traditional and OneGP Virtual spring athletes each Monday before and after school, respectively. The tests only take around...

Senior Logan Ladach agreed with his coach Jaron Nelson, saying that this is not the end of his wrestling career, or at least he hopes not. “My high school wrestling career is over but I’m actively going on college visits to wrestle in college,” Ladach said.

Senior Logan Ladach places sixth at the MHSAA 2021 state wrestling tournament

By Grace Cueter, Section Editor April 30, 2021

On April 3, senior Logan Ladach competed at the individual states wrestling competition, placing sixth in the meet. Ladach said that his qualification for states did not come without lots of practice and...

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