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The current policy for a snapchat badmouthing a school that is screenshotted and sent from off campus like this is disciplinary action. The Supreme Court is currently debating if this is a violation of students free speech.

Free speech of students in question in Supreme Court case

By Annabelle Julien and Victoria Wittenberg June 2, 2021

Since 1969, the standard for freedom of speech in schools has been solely based on the decision in the Tinker v. Des Moines case in which a group of students wore black armbands on their uniforms to protest...

(Photo credit: Peggy Bonbrisco)

2021 Charity Week introduces new fundraisers

By Sophia Dragich and Alexa Mazzola May 24, 2021

Senior Jack Ugval was one of the many attendees who enjoyed Grosse Pointe North and South’s Dog Walk on May 2. The event consisted of a two-mile walk near the school, time for attendees to peruse through...

Senior season: what to expect in the coming weeks

Senior season: what to expect in the coming weeks

By Colin Duffy, Social Media Editor May 5, 2021

With a little less than a month until prom and graduation, the class of 2021 is on a downhill sprint to the red tape. Senior class president Chris Marshall has led the student council in coordinating and...

Orchestra director Noah Zogas encourages new students to get involved in the band and orchestra programs. It is never too late to start playing, Zogas said. If you are motivated, reach out to me, a counselor, or a friend in the instrumental music program, and you can experience the excitement of music, too.

Honors orchestra program extended to high school students

By Gabbi Bielak, Section Editor March 24, 2021

The honors band and orchestra programs have existed for students in grades 5-8 for many years, however this year they have been extended to high school students. This program is for advanced band and orchestra...

Councilwoman Vicki Granger says that throughout his tenure as mayor, Novitke always tried to proactively and kindly solve any conflicts or issues with anyone in the city government. “Thats just the kind of person he was, he just cared about other people,” Granger said. “... He wanted people to do their best.”

Grosse Pointe Woods mayor dies at 74

By Farrah Fasse, Section Editor March 24, 2021

Grosse Pointe Woods mayor Robert Novitke died on March 14 following a battle with emphysema. Novitke was mayor since 1990, and his career as a public servant spanned over 40 years. Before he became a part...

“Our competition season last year was very brief, we attended one competition at Milford High School, and I remember at the end the top teams would usually go up and shake hands with the judges, but we were only allowed to bump elbows,” Barber said.

Robotics team goes digital

By Annabelle Julien and Drew Lovell March 24, 2021

Sophomore and part fabricator Tegan Barber joined the robotics team her freshman year to expand her knowledge about a subject she is passionate about. However, this year’s Gearheads competitions look...

The meme that has become the symbol of “WallStreetBets” and other young investing groups, representing a risk worth taking, influencing an investment although it may not be a logical one. “People have greater access to information in real time and depending upon which media outlet they are listening to or reading,” financial advisor Michael Wharton said. “Information disseminated is not always factual.”

The emergence of Gen-Z investors

By Colin Duffy, Social Media Editor March 1, 2021

The stock market is no longer just a game for boomers. The recent drastic involvement of teenagers and young adults in the stock exchange has become a nightmare for hedge fund managers and Wall Street...

Cookie crisis

Cookie crisis

By Sophia Dragich and Annabelle Julien February 24, 2021

Juniors Stephanie Westrick and Dani Lubienski have been participating in Girl Scouts and selling cookies for 11 years, but Covid-19 has prevented the scouts from selling cookies as they normally do. This...

Senior Elliot Millican has always been a creative person who prefers handmade goods. “I kinda like to have a thing where I need to make my own stuff instead of buying other peoples stuff,” Millican said.

Senior’s small business

By Kaitlyn Barr, Staff Reporter February 24, 2021

Senior Elliot Millican has always been very interested in art and making their own things. So, when Millican saw Instagram accounts beginning to sell jewelry, they decided to hop on the trend, creating...

Lauren Huizdos, a public relations officer of the student association was a part of Jake’s toy drive. “North students and the community along with the Student Association did such an amazing job,” Huizdos said.

Student Association organizes toy drive

By Grace Rossman, Staff Reporter February 22, 2021

This past week, students donated toys to be given to The Children’s Hospital of Michigan in honor of Jake Pennar, a Monteith Elementary student, who lost his battle with cancer. The toy drive was hosted...


Peer-to-peer program launches

By Alyssa King, Intern February 8, 2021

The stigma surrounding mental health has been an ongoing issue for a long time, especially among young teens. With immense amounts of stress and pressure, it comes as no shock that teens are more likely...

Choir class copes with remote learning

Choir class copes with remote learning

By Arei Swain and Drew Lovell February 2, 2021

Choir class has always been interactive for students, with concerts and competitions. However, the class has not been that way recently due to Covid-19. The virtual school environment has forced the...

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