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ALL A-BOUT WINNING | Following the first heat junior Lauryn Rendzikowski celebrates with her teammates after securing the first win of the day. “We all didn’t know if it was actually going to float,” Rendzikowski said. “The fact that it floated and we got first place [is] a really great feeling.”
Pictured from left to right: Lauryn Rendzikowski, Charlie Bomgaars, Brendan Burney, Olivia Dodenhoff, Eryn Cosgrove

Whatever floats your boat

By Katie Madigan and Elly Meeter June 8, 2022

A loud pool filled with students cheering on the boat they think will win, physics students frustrated that their boats didn’t float, all of these occurrences happened at the annual cardboard boat races...

A PLACE FOR EVERYONE | The hosts of Saving Lives Together suicide prevention walk believe it will be a great way to spread suicide prevention. 
“Everyone is welcome,” Osborne said. “Please come, and please invite your friends, your family, your teachers, and your neighbors. In addition to the walk we will have speakers, resource tables, and games and activities for younger kids.”

Saving lives together: Peer2Peer Club is hosting a suicide prevention walk

By Kate Bania, Staff Reporter May 2, 2022

The Peer2Peer club, along with Kevin’s Song, is having a suicide prevention walk on Sunday, May 15 from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The club’s mission is to empower communities to save lives and to offer...

IRREPLACEABLE LESSONS | Lessons in leadership, connection, communication and information are only a few of the things that were taught at the DECA state conference. Business teacher and DECA advisor Brian Levinson emphasizes the importance of those opportunities as one of the many reasons that he believes field trips are so important. “Theres no way of replacing that type of experience,” Levinson said

Field trips return as mandates are lifted

By Grace Cueter, Elly Meteer , and Gabe Goode March 24, 2022

When the pandemic began in March 2020, field trips and group conferences were prohibited. However, 2022 has brought change, as mandates are being lifted and school-related outings are permitted once again....

STARTS WITH A SEED | Crossley reiterates the importance of taking small steps towards environmental change, Arbor Day being the perfect opportunity to begin even if that is just with one seed.  “We can only survive if we keep the rest of the ecosystem alive too,” Crossley said.

Root for trees: Celebrating the 150th anniversary of Arbor Day

By Madi Lucido, Staff Reporter March 22, 2022

The tree planters holiday, known as Arbor Day, began 150 years ago. Starting in Nebraska on April 10, the holiday was proposed to inspire the community to plant more trees. While it started in the West,...

Michigan Trans Student Union accepting anyone and everyone

Michigan Trans Student Union accepting anyone and everyone

By Grace Cueter and Anneliese Lechner February 18, 2022

Many transgender students face challenges when it comes to changing their name on attendance, or responding to criticism regarding their gender identity. The Michigan Transgender Student Union works to...

ALL TOGETHER NOW | During the concert, everybody from the 5th graders to the seniors played the song, “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.” They do this to show how much the students have improved throughout their musical career. Junior Rodd Monts missed playing with the younger students last year. “It’s my favorite concert of the year so it was really tough. I really missed playing with all the South kids and seeing all the elementary and middle school kids and how far they came but I’m happy its back this year,” Monts said.

Don’t call it a comeback: The return of the winter concerts

By Arei Swain and Parker O’Neill January 14, 2022

Last year, we adapted to online school and extracurriculars in an attempt to maintain some sense of tradition and normalcy for students and for the community. Last year the orchestra and band concerts...

SELF SUPPLIED|  To customize her products Beers uses her own resources,  “In order to make my clothing I use an iron on material and my cricut machine to cut out the design I want,” Beers said.

Shop designs by Cam

By Kate Bania, Gabby Miller, and Lauren Shipe January 11, 2022

Some creative and business-owning students at North have begun to spread their art to more people by selling their products in online shops. Sophomore Cameron Beers shows her creative side through the...

Supply chain crisis affects this holiday season

Supply chain crisis affects this holiday season

By Farrah Fasse and Gabby Miller November 17, 2021

When shopping online, consumers have seen out-of-stock messages on items go up 250 percent in Oct. 2021 compared to Jan. 2020, according to data from Adobe Analytics. As a result of a set of complex issues,...

“When she [Phoebe Bridger]  played ‘I know the End’ and everyone was screaming,” Bernas said. “That was awesome.”

Concert comeback

By Annabelle Julien, Section editor October 28, 2021

Though the global pandemic is not fully behind us, the general public has been falling back into a more normal routine. With this, concerts are beginning to resurface.  For senior Eleanor Bernas, who...

The current policy for a snapchat badmouthing a school that is screenshotted and sent from off campus like this is disciplinary action. The Supreme Court is currently debating if this is a violation of students free speech.

Free speech of students in question in Supreme Court case

By Annabelle Julien and Victoria Wittenberg June 2, 2021

Since 1969, the standard for freedom of speech in schools has been solely based on the decision in the Tinker v. Des Moines case in which a group of students wore black armbands on their uniforms to protest...

(Photo credit: Peggy Bonbrisco)

2021 Charity Week introduces new fundraisers

By Sophia Dragich and Alexa Mazzola May 24, 2021

Senior Jack Ugval was one of the many attendees who enjoyed Grosse Pointe North and South’s Dog Walk on May 2. The event consisted of a two-mile walk near the school, time for attendees to peruse through...

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