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The feeling of belonging and being a part of an encouraging environment is something that North’s choir program has to offer, according to senior Jonathan Lackner. “I like that [choir] really brings us together as a community and I can hang out and create music with my friends,” Lackner said.

Hope lingers on for the choir

By Sage Cole and Elissa Singh November 17, 2023

This year, the choir program was in need of a new director. Upon being hired, Peyton Weil hit the ground running designing a choir program with the help of her accompanist, Catherine Trudell. The established...

Expertise expression at Harbinger Poetry Club

Expertise expression at Harbinger Poetry Club

By Lauren Kaled, Staff Reporter November 16, 2023

By participating in Harbinger Poetry Club’s weekly meetings, student’s can express themselves. Every Friday morning at 7:15 a.m., the Harbinger Poetry club meets in either B317 or B321 for students...

Community-loving cop

Community-loving cop

By Brandon Eshman and Erin Lee November 15, 2023

Among the new staff members joining North this year is officer Jeff Martel. He is North’s school resource officer, and whether he is roaming the halls or supervising lunch, he is always there to help. From...

This is how she rolls

This is how she rolls

By Mia Schultz and Jolie Plewa November 11, 2023

Being influenced by her friends to skateboard, junior Cyerra Dixon decided to pick up the activity, but found much more. Dixon believes that not only is skateboarding an amusing hobby outside of school,...

LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS | Retaining first-hand experience, sophomore and vice president Aine Mahoney reflects on her growth as a leader. “I definitely developed a lot more research and public speaking skills,” Mahoney said.

Model UN provides leadership experiences

By Allie McIntyre and Molly Lau October 9, 2023

Ready to debrief a new simulation, sophomore and Model UN vice president Aine Mahoney walks into the classroom to prepare for the meeting.  As an underclassmen leader of a growing club, she guides peers...

Taking the training wheels off

Taking the training wheels off

By Gianna Roux and Mia Schultz June 8, 2023

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Throughout PhUn Day, Applied Med students educated kids about the heart and how it works. Susan Speirs said that the Applied Med students made PhUn Day possible. “The students in Applied Med have reached a level of expertise that theyre able to teach some physiology of their choice and this year they chose the heart,” Susan Speirs said. “So their whole idea was to look at the heart and how it functions. They work to design the T shirts, songs, designs, the teaching lesson, and then all of the different breakout sessions of the day.”

Physiology puts the P-H in PhUn Day

By Sasha Poradun, Staff Reporter June 7, 2023

Ever since the American Physiological Society started PhUn Day in 2010, the main objective has been educating children about physiology by bringing in medical specialists and medical research to K–12...

SHOWING SUPPORT | Ronan MacMaster stands outside of the theater after his play was performed at Michigan State University and attended by his AP Literature and Composition class, chaperoned by his teacher Jillian McDonald. “It was very mature for a highschool student,” McDonald said. “It was really cool to see it come to life on stage.”

MacMaster’s play is “As good as it gets”

By Christina Shea and Lauren Kaled May 31, 2023

Upwards of 1,000 students submitted their written plays to Michigan State University’s 27th Annual Young Playwrights Festival which provides applicants with the opportunity to have their play produced...

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students

By Katie Madigan, Wren Cueter, and Lilly Kline May 15, 2023

After being closed since the beginning of the school year to allow renovations to be made to the space, the school library is now back open for students to enjoy. With the adjustments that were made, such...

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

By Sage Cole, Troy Lipscomb, and Allie Mattes May 11, 2023

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is an American workplace tradition that allows children to experience first-hand what their parents do at their jobs and how their work contributes to  society. Bring Your Kid...

SEED TO SALE | After the microgreens were fully grown, the class washed, dried and packaged them to prepare them for delivery. Senior Aijalon Fernanders delivered the plants to a variety of different people around the community. “We packaged and delivered them,” Fernanders said. “We went around and said ‘do you want this, do you want that,’ and they would pay for them.”

Growing greens and gaining ground: Special needs students maintain and sell microgreens

By Grace Cueter and Grace Rossman May 11, 2023

Spreading soil, sprinkling seeds, monitoring growth, harvesting greens and packaging products are all skills that students in the special needs classrooms at North have acquired through their microgreens...

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