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SHOWING SUPPORT | Ronan MacMaster stands outside of the theater after his play was performed at Michigan State University and attended by his AP Literature and Composition class, chaperoned by his teacher Jillian McDonald. “It was very mature for a highschool student,” McDonald said. “It was really cool to see it come to life on stage.”

MacMaster’s play is “As good as it gets”

By Christina Shea and Lauren Kaled May 31, 2023

Upwards of 1,000 students submitted their written plays to Michigan State University’s 27th Annual Young Playwrights Festival which provides applicants with the opportunity to have their play produced...

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students

By Katie Madigan, Wren Cueter, and Lilly Kline May 15, 2023

After being closed since the beginning of the school year to allow renovations to be made to the space, the school library is now back open for students to enjoy. With the adjustments that were made, such...

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019

By Sage Cole, Troy Lipscomb, and Allie Mattes May 11, 2023

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is an American workplace tradition that allows children to experience first-hand what their parents do at their jobs and how their work contributes to  society. Bring Your Kid...

SEED TO SALE | After the microgreens were fully grown, the class washed, dried and packaged them to prepare them for delivery. Senior Aijalon Fernanders delivered the plants to a variety of different people around the community. “We packaged and delivered them,” Fernanders said. “We went around and said ‘do you want this, do you want that,’ and they would pay for them.”

Growing greens and gaining ground: Special needs students maintain and sell microgreens

By Grace Cueter and Grace Rossman May 11, 2023

Spreading soil, sprinkling seeds, monitoring growth, harvesting greens and packaging products are all skills that students in the special needs classrooms at North have acquired through their microgreens...

GIRL POWER | For Willow member, sophomore Aliya Abraham, enlightening young girls on their potential is the main motivation for Willow. “Willow is an example of what a strong girl is and everyone in our group demonstrates our goal, which is to have women in leadership and women leading our world.” Abraham said.

Willows have a will: Willow conducts strong girls presentation

By Elly Meteer and Hayley Zalewski May 8, 2023

Encouraging social awareness and empowerment while taking on Montieth, Mason and Ferry, Willow held their Strong Girls and Boys presentation on April 10. The presentation consisted of a series of skits...

Rokicki’s aviation career takes off: Senior is second in family to acquire pilot license

Rokicki’s aviation career takes off: Senior is second in family to acquire pilot license

By Grace Cueter and Christina Shea April 13, 2023

When he obtained his pilot’s license on Feb. 18, senior Ethan Rockicki’s lifelong dream of becoming a pilot took to soar. Starting the process at the age of 16, Ethan Rokicki worked for two years,...

Time in tutorial

Time in tutorial

By Kaitlyn Barr and Bella Yoakam April 5, 2023

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NO “I” IN TEAM | While Magic: The Gathering is a competitive game played against opponents, English teacher Paul Golm believes that the underlying teamwork is what makes the game. “Its more about learning the game and realizing that magic is about helping other people learn to play because it is a very complex game,” Golm said.

Trading in phones for cards: Golm’s Magic kits bring new entertainment to tutorial

By Elly Meteer and Mia Stephanoff April 5, 2023

In order to promote collaboration and broaden thinking within the classroom, English teacher Paul Golm applied in February to receive Magic: The Gathering boxes from the organization MagiKids, which is...

DRAWN TO THE ART | Viewing art from a detailed perspective is something the director of education for the DIA Jason Gillespie values most about contemporary art. In his program, Gillespie analyzed art from a selection of paintings from the DIA to show identity, power and representation in the art. “You think about the beautiful artwork that was created in the 17th and 1800s by enslaved African Americans in the South,” Gillespie said. “How could somebody living in those conditions create art? Thats power within. Its helpful to have this understanding of artwork and think about the power within a person.”

Exploring diversity in art: Diversity Club hosts third annual IDEA Week

By Ella McCarthy, Wren Cueter, and Sasha Poradun April 5, 2023

Students navigated how identity, power, and representation are used in art, film, and American pop music through time at Diversity Club’s third annual IDEA Week. School Social Worker Lauren Klein believes...

PAWNS AND PALS| At their meetings, the chess club takes  the time to play everyone, meeting new people. For club adviser Donald Hightower, it is important that the club is a space to learn and grow. “I invite anyone who is interested. We have all levels of learners in this space, Hightower said. “It is a learning space, it is not a competitive space.”

Check this out, mate: Building substitute teacher revamps chess club

By Lauren Veitengruber and Sofia Gualdoni March 9, 2023

The once-dormant chess club is back in action. After the former president graduated last year, the club was unable to find a new adviser for the upcoming 2023 school year. This is when junior Basem Ali...

KEEPING HIS HOOPS HIGH | A special education teacher at Parcells and Norths Unified Basketball coach, Drew Kisskalt values his players and wants them to feel dignity and a sense of belonging to the school community. “Ive been a coach and a teacher for many years and all of my students and players are very special to me,” Kisskalt said. “But Unified Basketball is uniquely special in that it gives me the chance to be with students who dont always have a full menu of options.”

Running the court: Unified basketball team plays with heart

By Elly Meteer, Wren Cueter, and Sasha Poradun March 9, 2023

Cheerleaders in green and gold cheer from the sidelines, energetic fans shout in the stands and the Unified Basketball team plays their hearts out on the court. Throughout the season, the team has dedicated...

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