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Courtesy of Logan Wolfe

Bass beginnings

By Jolie Plewa, Staff Reporter April 19, 2024

Over the course of about two years of dedicated practice, freshman Logan Wolfe has become infatuated with the sound of the bass guitar. Inspired by popular grunge and rock bands such as Nirvana, Guns and...

Giving green

Giving green

By Lilly Kline, Section Editor April 17, 2024

Tucked away in the corner of the third-floor B-building, room B315 is home to a lush assortment of houseplants in varying stages of life. With plants soaking up the sunshine against the window panes, it...

Courtesy of Leilani Feltman

DECA dominant

By Gabby Miller, Section Editor April 11, 2024

Since the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, DECA has been hard at work, consistently preparing for their competitions. After an array of practice tests and role-plays, the club led by senior and...

Courtesy of Shelby Weinger, pictured on the right

Leading with femininity

By Kenzie Dera, Distribution Manager March 21, 2024

Seeing herself in a leadership role was a daily goal for sales director and Grosse Pointe North Alumni Shelby Weinger, and being hired at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan was just the first step. Having...

Journey to Germany

Journey to Germany

By Gianna Roux and Troy Lipscomb March 20, 2024

This summer, June 23 through July 7, the German Club will travel to Lake Constance, Germany, to meet the pen pals they have been communicating with and bonding through social media for almost a year. ...

KEEPING TABS| Following the common trend among classroomsin March, jist like many of her classmates, Addison Molitor struggles with paying attention in class, especially when watching the games is so accessible. “During class if I don’t want to pay attention or slack off, I’ll watch the games because it’s easy to do,” Molitor said.

Multitasking March Madness

By Gabby Miller and Nick Saigh March 20, 2024

March is often associated with sunshine, flowers and the beginning of spring. However, basketball fans associate March with buzzer-beaters, Cinderella stories, upsets, bracket-making, sports gambling and...

Strumming up smiles

Strumming up smiles

By Stephanie Karoutsos and Akasha Teel March 15, 2024

Creating a fun-filled environment with a laid-back classroom vibe is English teacher Paul Golm’s forte. Upon entering his freshman year of college, Golm spent his spare time practicing the guitar and...

Courtesy of Sloane ONeill

Experiences with musical arts

By Lindsey Grice and Molly Lucido March 12, 2024

Beginning her violin journey at the age of 10 and delving into her singing career two years later, senior Sloane O’Neill continues to pursue both passions with intense dedication. She finds comfort and...

Courtesy of Peggy Bonbrisco

Women leading in WILLOW

By Allie McIntyre, Staff Reporter March 11, 2024

As she mentally prepares to practice the cyberbullying skit the club will perform to 4th grade girls at Monteith, junior and co-club CEO Molly Spence walks into the latest Women in Leadership Leading Our...

Courtesy of Sarah Clinet

Stuck between two places

By Kenzie Dera, Distribution Manager February 28, 2024

Moving to France came with its hardships and advantages for English teacher and Yearbook Adviser, Sarah Clinet. For nine years Clinet experienced the challenge of being away from her home in Philadelphia...

Courtesy of Wesley Ramsey

Baking a business

By Allie Mattes and Josie Cueter February 14, 2024

Standing out from many other high school students, junior Wesley Ramsey has pursued baking bread as one of his main hobbies. Ramsey picked up on the hobby two years ago and since then his passion for baking...

Courtesy of Amanda Pata

Crafting cups with Mug Club

By Mia Schultz, Section Editor February 13, 2024

When school librarian Amanda Pata saw some Create-Your-Own-Design travel mugs over the summer, she figured it would be a fun activity for her kids. But after talking to our Library Promotional Team and...

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