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Seasonal allergies worsen as mask mandates are lifted

Seasonal allergies worsen as mask mandates are lifted

By Kaitlyn Barr and Thomas Jones May 13, 2022

Seasonal allergies are a yearly struggle for many. Across the wide range of possible allergens that cycle throughout the year, seasonal allergies tend to hit their worst in the spring and winter. Reina...

Senior Maddi Yee notices a correlation between cold weather and low motivation. “As the weather gets colder, I start losing motivation to do my work because I feel like I just kind of want to curl up in my bed,” Yee said. “When the warmer weather gets warmer, I feel that I get more motivated, because I can also like go outside, and that makes me want to do my work more.

The cold truth: Temperature’s negative impact on mental health

By Grace Cueter and Kyleigh Egli November 23, 2021

Within the past month, the Grosse Pointes have seen outside temperatures within the broad range of 30 degrees to 60 degrees. A 2020 study finds that inconsistent temperatures can be linked to mental health....

Underrated Summer Activities

Underrated Summer Activities

By Arei Swain, Staff Reporter May 27, 2021

With the school year ending soon and summer approaching, summer vacation is one of the main things on everyone's mind. After a long year of schooling, relaxing would be an ideal thing to do this summer,...

“Hold on, you’ve been scrolling for way too long”

“Hold on, you’ve been scrolling for way too long”

By Amelia Nowicki and Brandon Miller March 19, 2021

Initially launched in 2016, TikTok continues to be among the fastest-growing social media applications available to teens, many of whom have gained popularity on its platform. With over 15,000 followers...

The connection between posture and academic engagement

The connection between posture and academic engagement

By Michael Hartt, Editor-in-Chief March 4, 2021

Although senior Caleigh Murray says that she tries to maintain good posture throughout the school day, she still often goes home with back pain. She attributes this not to herself, but to the wooden desks...

With another set back, North athletes work hard to stay safe in hope that their season will start soon. “Currently, there is not a plan to cancel winter sports, but guidelines and requirements are ever changing,” athletic director Michelle Davis said.

Winter athletic season put on hold amid Covid-19 spikes

By Colin Duffy and Bella Yoakam January 29, 2021

On Jan. 21, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services postponed winter sports once again despite seeing overwhelmingly negative test results from Michigan high school football players during...

“We try to educate people on whats the risk or benefit of taking the vaccine, said Dr. Marcus Zervos. Hopefully people will do it.”

Development of a COVID-19 Vaccine

By Joleigh Jackson and Sophia Dragich December 22, 2020

Over the past year, scientists and doctors have conducted research to create a COVID-19 vaccine. With a huge number of companies working on it, the vaccine has been produced much quicker than previous...

North Athletes say goodbye, as their seasons get postponed for three weeks, and start to prepare for what is to come. “We will have to make quick strides when we return to be ready for what would likely be a shortened and possibly faster-paced season to get as many games in as possible,”  assistant boys hockey coach Brent Maynard said.

Covid-19 causes winter sports cancellations

By Joleigh Jackson, Bella Yoakam, and Drew Lovell December 1, 2020

As a result of a rise in Covid-19 cases, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released new guidelines which state that all organized sports besides college and professional sports must...

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