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Bella Yoakam

Bella Yoakam, Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Isabella Yoakam. I am a fifteen-year-old sophomore at Grosse Pointe North. I play many sports including basketball, soccer, field hockey and synchronized swimming. At North, I am also an intern for North Pointe. I really enjoy art and being creative. I love painting, sculpting, photography or digital design. Outside of school, I hang out with my friends and volunteer with my girl scout troop. I've been a girl scout for almost 9 years.
At home, I have a puppy named Lulu. She is crazy and hyper so if I am not playing with her I am re-watching “Criminal Minds,” “Vampire Diaries”, or my new favorite movie “REBECCA.” My favorite musician is Brendon Urie, the lead singer for Panic! At the Disco. I have 3 jobs. I am a lifeguard at Lakefront Park, I cut grass with my friend and I am a nanny for two families.

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