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Bella Yoakam

Bella Yoakam, Section Editor

Hey! I’m Bella Yoakam. I'm a junior and the In-Depth section editor for North Pointe Now. I play multiple sports at North including Lacrosse, Field hockey, and synchronized swimming, thankfully this year I quit Basketball. I participate in multiple clubs at North like WILLOW, Diversity club, social justice league, SA, KNOTS, I’m a class senator, and I help work at the student union. For the past 10 years I have been a Girl Scout, and helped volunteer in the community. I enjoy being artistic, I often make digital design, paint, and photography. I have a job at the LFP, LakeFront Park, as a lifeguard. The people there are like a second family and I couldn't imagine working anywhere else. If you ever see me I will most likely be showing off my makeup skills with some kind of silly, bright, and over the top eyeshadow look.

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