Wait out the fall or deck the halls?

Wait out the fall or deck the halls?

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By Gabe Loper and Parker O’Neill

Christmas music is great. There is no denying that not just Christmas, but the Christmas season is the best time of year. Christmas is my favorite holiday and winter is my favorite season. With all that, you would think I would be in favor of listening to as much Christmas music as possible, but there are limits for me. A pet peeve of mine is having to deal with Christmas music too early.

There isn’t a huge selection of Christmas music, so the songs get a bit repetitive after a bit, and I don’t want to have the feeling of fatigue in the week or two approaching Christmas. Also, many of the songs have similar topics and meanings, giving the listeners that feeling of repetitiveness.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, and it should have its time to be celebrated, without it being in the shadow of Christmas. I get the feeling now that once Halloween is over, people want to go right to Christmas, without caring about Thanksgiving at all. People want to buy their Christmas gifts, put up their Christmas decorations, and listen to Christmas music, which is a significant part of the Christmas season, not even acknowledging Thanksgiving. 

Get into the Christmas spirit early

There’s simply a different type of joyous feeling that comes along with Christmas time and especially Christmas music. When the Halloween doors close for trick or treaters, and the clock strikes midnight, the Christmas music is free to endure. November first at 12:00 a.m. makes for the perfect transition from bringing out the bad of Halloween, into the good behaviors of Christmas. When the November air becomes crisp and cold, the days get progressively shorter and snow begins to pop up in the forecast, it’s merely impossible to resist the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas music is where the world of music comes together. Everyone’s favorite artists come to place their own spin on the well known plethora of songs. Whether it be Chance’s RnB, the pop of Ariana Grande, or the classic sounds of Nat King Cole, there’s Christmas music for everyone. It’s hard to say Christmas music is super repetitive when the selection is so wide and diverse.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and in no way should be skipped. At the same time however we can look forward to Christmas and enjoy the music that comes with it. Thanksgiving is best seen as a precursor to Christmas, the build up to Black Friday, the welcoming of Santa at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parades, even the song “Sleigh Ride,” which the original lyrics by Mitchell Parish read “when they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie.” That song was and still is a Thanksgiving song. With that being said, when you change your calendars over to November, remember it’s more than acceptable to bust out and blast those holiday tunes. 

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