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By Lilly Kline, Brandon Eshman, and Molly Lucido November 27, 2023

Varsity Soccer with Lorenzo Cavaliere For senior captain Lorenzo Cavaliere, winning a state championship could become a possibility from the close-knit bond and work ethic of the team.  Being...

In it for the long run: On Cloud shoes are here to stay

By Katie Madigan, Managing Editor November 27, 2023

Finding the perfect pair of running shoes has always been a challenge for me. From my initial start as a runner sporting unsupportive Adidas, to the uncomfortable pair of Asics I purchased for track, I...

THE START LINE | The 30+ year race for Scott Cooper may have had an unconventional start in 1992, but is finally coming to an end three decades later. “I never had any inclination to coach,” Cooper said. “31 years is a long way from not coaching.”

Coach Cooper’s final run

By Stephanie Karoutsos, Ian DuVernay, and Nick Saigh November 27, 2023

After over 30 years of coaching the girls’ cross country team, and being named Macomb Area Conference Red coach of the year four times, Scott Cooper is passing the baton leaving behind a substantial...

The feeling of belonging and being a part of an encouraging environment is something that North’s choir program has to offer, according to senior Jonathan Lackner. “I like that [choir] really brings us together as a community and I can hang out and create music with my friends,” Lackner said.

Hope lingers on for the choir

By Sage Cole and Elissa Singh November 17, 2023

This year, the choir program was in need of a new director. Upon being hired, Peyton Weil hit the ground running designing a choir program with the help of her accompanist, Catherine Trudell. The established...

PROS AND CONS |  Despite the obstacles of the physical PSAT, junior Jhimil Chhaya appreciates the benefits that a digital format cannot provide. “A challenge of the paper PSAT was the timing and long reading passages, but I also preferred having a physical copy to annotate which is harder to do on a computer.”

Test-taking enters the digital age

By Troy Lipscomb, Lindsey Grice, and Molly Lucido November 17, 2023

PSAT takers saw a 21st-century revamp to a nearly one-hundred-year-old test when the digital PSAT debuted on Oct. 10. Since the College Board made this executive decision to switch to digital, students...

Expertise expression at Harbinger Poetry Club

Expertise expression at Harbinger Poetry Club

By Lauren Kaled, Staff Reporter November 16, 2023

By participating in Harbinger Poetry Club’s weekly meetings, student’s can express themselves. Every Friday morning at 7:15 a.m., the Harbinger Poetry club meets in either B317 or B321 for students...

Latest Lunches: New school lunches are mediocre

By Kenzie Dera, Intern November 15, 2023

After walking into the lunch room, I quickly noticed the new lunches being offered. With an updated menu, ranging from pasta to chicken sandwiches, this year’s meals offer a much-needed upgrade from...

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“Hackney Diamonds” shines bright: The Rolling Stones first album in 18 years

By Gianna Roux, Section Editor November 15, 2023

Debatably one of the best rock bands of all time, The Rolling Stones, released their 26th studio album “Hackney Diamonds,'' on Oct. 20. Although they have released many different collections and remasters...

Community-loving cop

Community-loving cop

By Brandon Eshman and Erin Lee November 15, 2023

Among the new staff members joining North this year is officer Jeff Martel. He is North’s school resource officer, and whether he is roaming the halls or supervising lunch, he is always there to help. From...

This is how she rolls

This is how she rolls

By Mia Schultz and Jolie Plewa November 11, 2023

Being influenced by her friends to skateboard, junior Cyerra Dixon decided to pick up the activity, but found much more. Dixon believes that not only is skateboarding an amusing hobby outside of school,...

Quick Hits

By Isabella Boedeker, Section Editor November 11, 2023

Girls swim & dive with Niya Kendell: As the seniors soak in the final moments of being able to jump in North’s pool, senior and captain Niya Kendell says that this season has held a special place...

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Swift brings concert magic to theaters

By Josie Cueter and Kate Kasuba November 8, 2023

Are you “Ready For It?” We weren’t. From her Debut era to her Midnights era, Taylor Swift has been a huge role model in many lives because of her relatable songs and her kindhearted personality....

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