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NEW HORIZONS| Gaining exposure to a variety of colleges can significantly impact students educational choices and future opportunities. South counselor Jennifer Vick underscores the importance of this exposure in broadening students’ future. “I think its great because you just get some face time and exposure to a lot of different schools,” Said Jennifer Vick. “I always feel like sometimes kids just dont have the chance to see schools. You see the big schools that are playing on TV, or if your parents or siblings go to a school, maybe you have been to a particular campus, but its kind of limited. There are so many different kinds of schools, and different sizes and different programs. I feel like thats kind of a nice entry point because its the first exposure a lot of kids have to different schools they have never heard of.”

One step closer

By Elly Meteer, Mia Schultz, and Brandon Eshman May 23, 2024

College Night is an opportunity for students and parents to engage with colleges from all across the country and learn more about what they offer. It also exposes students to many colleges that they may...

In the D draft debrief

In the D draft debrief

By Gabby Miller, Section Editor May 22, 2024

Whether you missed the draft, chose not to watch it, or are devastated you couldn’t find parking and see it for yourself in Detroit, it’s my job to fill you in on what you could’ve missed and why...

Quick Hits

Quick Hits

By Kelton Green, Intern May 22, 2024

Boys track with Jaden Laster  Since the first meet on April 10 against Grosse Pointe South, senior captain Jaden Laster has been prepared to compete this season.   The team’s primary objective...

Courtesy of Frances Strong

Making a change in the community

By Josie Chasiotis, Staff Reporter May 22, 2024

As a nonprofit division of the Rotary organization, Interact Club aims to uplift the community through projects and activities offered to and run by students. Each month, the club finds local organizations,...

Presley’s Kitchen: Elevating downtown dining

Presley’s Kitchen: Elevating downtown dining

By Donell James, Staff Reporter May 22, 2024

When I first walked into Presley’s Kitchen, I was immediately drawn to their home-like environment. Presley’s Kitchen is a breakfast, lunch and dinner kitchen & bar located in Downtown Detroit...

Was this album “Too Much?”

Was this album “Too Much?”

By Kenzie Dera, Staff Reporter May 21, 2024

ALBUM  ★★★★ 10 songs long and 27 minutes short, girl in red’s new album, “I’M DOING IT AGAIN BABY!” was released on April 12. Throughout the album, she explores contrasting moods and...

Misrepresentation of celebrities in biopics

Misrepresentation of celebrities in biopics

By Everley Aldridge and Nour Zaki May 21, 2024

Celebrities will often be judged based on one aspect of their life, then society will disregard the rest. We’ve noticed within biopic movies, the focus is generally geared towards one dramatized event...

Courtesy of Lauren Nixon

Balancing the field and the classroom

By Eli Kociba, Staff Reporter May 21, 2024

As the lacrosse ball arcs through the air, the sound of sticks clashing fills the field, echoing the intensity of the game. For Lauren Nixon, a math teacher and assistant JV lacrosse coach at Cass Tech,...

Courtesy of Silas Wooten

To Disney and beyond

By Gianna Roux, Section Editor May 21, 2024

My freshman year performing arts trip was supposed to be to Disney World, however, the COVID-19 virus stopped that. Luckily, I got to go as a senior and experience the “most magical place on earth”...

 Lilly Kline & Donell James

The benefits and drawbacks of VPNs

By Lindsey Grice, Troy Lipscomb, and Molly Lucido May 15, 2024

Virtual private networks have emerged as a virtual shield for internet users worldwide by offering encrypted pathways to keep sensitive information and data safe. These VPNs have become increasingly popular,...

Nobodies to notorious

Nobodies to notorious

By Lauren Kaled, Staff Reporter May 10, 2024

The internet has taken a simple video and made four random teenage boys icons of Tiktok. The internet community has taken the original video and made a viral meme of it and in turn has made these boys...

Winner Winner, Cupcake Dinner| Sweet Tooth Science winner, Rylee Nugent, not only created the winning science project but also baked it into a tasty treat. Showcasing her dessert on April 19 for the Applied Med class tradition, she spread her knowledge on Foreign Accent Syndrome, and “took home the cake. “Trying to create themed desserts that are not only for show but also for eating is way different than any other class projects I’ve done before,” Nugent said. “Getting to present to so many people and being teachers you haven’t had before was also a really fun part of this project.”

Sweet tooth science

By Sage Cole and Jolie Plewa May 10, 2024

For the last 14 years, students in Applied Med have participated in a project called “Sweet Tooth Science.” For this project, students are challenged to research a disease or condition, create a trifold...

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