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Following the cancellation of final exams to close the 2020-2021 school year, many are concerned as to whether or not testing will make a return in the future.

District to cancel final exams to close out 2020-2021 school year

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief April 19, 2021

On March 23, district administration announced the cancellation of second semester exams for both virtual and in-person high school students. According to an email sent to families within the district,...

A Monstrous Smack-Down: Kong vs. Godzilla Review

A Monstrous Smack-Down: Kong vs. Godzilla Review

By Brandon Miller, Staff Reporter April 16, 2021

Every once in a while it’s nice to have a movie that you can just turn off your brain while watching. That might sound like an insult, but it’s what makes this movie so fun. Kong vs. Godzilla is the...

Flawless skin, or not: Kat Von D’s Good Apple foundation vs Covergirl’s Simply Ageless

Flawless skin, or not: Kat Von D’s Good Apple foundation vs Covergirl’s Simply Ageless

By Alyssa King, Intern April 16, 2021

Kat Von D Beauty has been creating high-quality and cruelty-free makeup since 2008 by constantly coming out with new and innovative products. The newest Kat Von D product is the Good Apple foundation....

Lacrosse player Clare Ramsdell said that after a year long hiatus from the sport she is excited to begin playing again. “I’m excited to finally get back on the field for lacrosse since we’ve had so much time off,

Safety protocols required for spring sports season

By Alexa Mazzola, Intern March 29, 2021

With the delays to the beginning of the spring sports season, many athletes are questioning how things will be moving forward.  According to the Michigan High School Athletic Association, spring sports...

The search for Niehaus' successor

The search for Niehaus’ successor

By Colin Duffy, Social Media Editor March 22, 2021

With summer on the horizon — and the end of the 2020-2021 school year — the search for superintendent Dr. Gary Niehaus' successor is well underway. Junior Gabe Loper has followed the search closely...

Sophomore Paige Spence said that reaching the state-level competition was a major accomplishment for the team because they only had one opportunity to earn the scores that they needed. “In the past few months we have had to cancel two out of our three competitions, so we had one left and whether we made it to states or not was dependent on how we placed in our only competition,” Spence said.

Two of three community figure skating teams advance to the state competition

By Grace Cueter, Section Editor March 22, 2021

Despite experiencing a season of uncertainty and cancellation due to COVID-19, two of the three Grosse Pointe figure skating teams are able to perform at a state-qualifying level. The teams will be taking...

Social studies teacher Bridget Cooley believes students may struggle with the changes throughout their day. “I worry most about students that don't feel comfortable coming back,” Cooley said.

Full house: back at full capacity after a year

By Arei Swain, Staff Reporter March 22, 2021

Despite many doubts that it would work, the hybrid schedule was mostly successful, but many think that the school board is being even more optimistic by bringing back students full time.  This means...

Keeping up with COVID-19

Keeping up with COVID-19

By Kaitlyn Barr and Sophia Dragich March 22, 2021

Junior Anneliese Lechner was one of the many students who volunteered to participate in the free COVID-19 testing offered to all North students on March 9.  Lechner said the process was well-organized...

Change of Scenery II brings Quinn XCII back to his roots

Change of Scenery II brings Quinn XCII back to his roots

By Grace Rossman, Staff Reporter March 16, 2021

On April 28, 2015, native Grosse Pointer Quinn XCII released his first EP, “Change of Scenery” produced by longtime friend AyOkay, who is also from Grosse Pointe. On March 5, 2021, the pair released...

Yellowlight impresses with simple breakfast fare

Yellowlight impresses with simple breakfast fare

By Michael Hartt, Editor in Chief March 16, 2021

You may not have heard of Yellow Light Donuts, but if you drive past it on East Jefferson, you will definitely notice it. The recently built building Yellow Light operates out of is a rarity amongst the...

I must not be a hipster after all

I must not be a hipster after all

By Amelia Nowicki, Editor in Chief March 8, 2021

So, I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. Just under two years ago, I published a column titled “Not to be a hipster, but modern music sucks,” and I hope you see as much of an issue with the headline alone...

The connection between posture and academic engagement

The connection between posture and academic engagement

By Michael Hartt, Editor-in-Chief March 4, 2021

Although senior Caleigh Murray says that she tries to maintain good posture throughout the school day, she still often goes home with back pain. She attributes this not to herself, but to the wooden desks...

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