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THE DIVIDING LINE | Crossing over Detroit’s Alter Road into Grosse Pointe Park, student-teacher Donald Hightower identifies the street as a prominent separation between social status, financial status and safety. “Alter Road is, to me, one of the most defining roads of not only a culture divide, an economic divide, even way back when it was even a racial divide,” Hightower said. “Alter Road is one of the largest, if not the largest wealth divides in the country. And that is very alarming to me.”
Unsafe stigma remains for Detroit
By Katie Madigan, Sasha Poradun, and Donell James February 12, 2024

As someone who grew up in Detroit, student-teacher Donald Hightower remembers the city as his home and his place of comfort. By the time Hightower was 4 years old, he relocated...

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Admin quick to hire new French teacher
By Donell James, Staff Reporter • February 12, 2024

Following a midyear resignation, French III and Honors French IV students were left wondering who their new French teacher would be. Nevertheless,...

Dr. Andrea Tuttle appointed new Superintendent
By Isabella Boedeker, Kenzie Dera, and Ian DuVernay January 24, 2024

Following the retirement of Superintendent Dr. Jon Dean on Aug. 23, 2023, the Board of Education has spent the last 3 months carefully choosing...

Navigating education finance: FAFSA redesigns aim to simplify application process
By Mia Schultz, Brandon Eshman, and Elissa Singh January 24, 2024

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid [FAFSA] is a significant document that students complete to request financial assistance for college....

Women breaking records in the world of business
By Akasha Teel, Intern • December 19, 2023

In the past few years, business schools and programs, which have a large male enrollment percentage, have reported that they are seeing more...

Conflict in Gaza impacts youth globally
By Elly Meteer, Donell James, and Vinny Wilhelm December 17, 2023

The Israel-Hamas war is a multifaceted challenge, characterized by generational tensions rooted in historical, religious and cultural complexities....

Trustee Collins appointed new board member
By Katie Madigan and Sasha Poradun December 13, 2023

After attending and voicing his opinions at the Board of Education meetings over the past few years, Terry Collins was appointed on Oct. 26 as...

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Quick Hits
Quick Hits
By Everley Aldridge and Josie Chasiotis February 13, 2024

Boys ice hockey with Matthew Lorelli   Over the last four years, the boys’ varsity ice hockey team at North has encountered many losses stemming from a consistently...

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Take down on the voids
By Gabby Miller and Nick Saigh January 31, 2024

Underclassmen have ended the Grosse Pointe North’s varsity wrestling team’s streak of voids. Despite the team’s talent and passion, until...

Quick Hits
By Rachel Rumschlag and Kate Kasuba January 26, 2024

Girls synchronized swimming with Juliette Aouad Senior captain Juliette Aouad has participated in synchronized swimming since seventh grade....

Flipping back into gymnastics: North’s gymnastics team is seeing a return of gymnasts after leaving the sport in previous years.
By Allie McIntyre and Josie Cueter December 20, 2023

Specializing in floor and beam, sophomore Emily Bania might be new to the team, but she is not new to gymnastics.  After taking a year off the...

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By Gianna Roux and Lauren Kaled December 19, 2023

Dance team with Tessa Ragle: Even though sophomore Tessa Ragle has been dancing for the past 12 years, she just joined North’s dance team...

NHL’s Pride Tape controversy: A sticky situation
By Sage Cole, Staff Reporter • December 8, 2023

In June, following the 22/23 season, the National Hockey League made an executive decision to ban themed warm-up jerseys during special nights,...

Quick Hits
By Lilly Kline, Brandon Eshman, and Molly Lucido November 27, 2023

Varsity Soccer with Lorenzo Cavaliere For senior captain Lorenzo Cavaliere, winning a state championship could become a possibility from...

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Courtesy of Wesley Ramsey
Baking a business
By Allie Mattes and Josie Cueter February 14, 2024

Standing out from many other high school students, junior Wesley Ramsey has pursued baking bread as one of his main hobbies. Ramsey picked up...

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Crafting cups with Mug Club
By Mia Schultz, Section Editor • February 13, 2024

When school librarian Amanda Pata saw some Create-Your-Own-Design travel mugs over the summer, she figured it would be a fun activity for her...

New Year, new me
By Elly Meteer, Gianna Roux, and Lauren Kaled February 1, 2024

“New year, new me” is a phrase commonly used by people who are looking to abandon bad habits and pick up better ones at the beginning of...

Upping their game
By Mary Bentley and Sage Cole February 1, 2024

In the Freshman Assist program, ninth grade students can receive more individualized attention and direction to help them achieve their full...

Diverse voices praise inclusivity
By Lilly Kline and Erin Lee January 31, 2024

All are welcome in Diversity Club every other Thursday in room Science 302, according to junior and club president Ash Balido. Upon his arrival...

Hanging with Hardy
By Troy Lipscomb and Eli Kociba January 24, 2024

Despite numerous sports options, sophomore Geneiveve Hardy knew that Lyra was for her ever since she began practicing in fifth grade. Entering...

Boiling down to the passion of Viviani
By Kelton Green, Intern • January 24, 2024

Throughout his formative years, Culinary Arts instructor Michael Viviani developed a profound enthusiasm for the art of cooking. Turning this...

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