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Baltimore bridge collapse
Baltimore bridge collapse
By Isabella Boedeker and Lilly Kline May 10, 2024

On March 26, junior Colin Smith watched in shock and confusion as he saw the video recording of the Dali cargo ship colliding with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in the heart...

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Drafting Detroit pride
By Katie Madigan and Kate Kasuba May 9, 2024

As Honolulu Blue flooded the streets of Detroit on April 25-27, one aspect stood out to Detroit Sports Commission Deputy Director Marty Dobek...

Planting a fresh start
By Allie Mattes, Social Media Editor • May 9, 2024

  In 1990 the Grosse Pointe Woods City Hall planted crabapple trees to reflect an English garden, however, 40 years later, these closely planted...

Business vs. entertainment pay dynamics
By Erin Lee, Intern • April 30, 2024

On March 1, Rihanna received $6 million to perform at a wedding in India, prompting consideration of capitalism's role in society. This has formed...

Thinking out loud
By Sasha Poradun, Donell James, and Akasha Teel April 17, 2024

Introducing the Neuralink chip concept in March 2017, founder Elon Musk, aimed to connect human brains to the internet by devices controlled...

Clinton Township explosion shakes community
By Allie McIntyre, Staff Reporter • April 17, 2024

It was a normal Monday night in Clinton Township, when all of the sudden the ground began to shake unexpectedly.  As community members felt...

Investigation into concerns raised by two North administrators
By Isabella Boedeker, Ian DuVernay, and Kate Kasuba April 10, 2024

On the first floor of the B-building lies Principal Dr. Kate Murray’s office. Found within her office, is a vertical wooden sign with white...

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In the D draft debrief
In the D draft debrief
By Gabby Miller, Section Editor • May 22, 2024

Whether you missed the draft, chose not to watch it, or are devastated you couldn’t find parking and see it for yourself in Detroit, it’s my job to fill you in on what...

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Quick Hits
By Kelton Green, Intern • May 22, 2024

Boys track with Jaden Laster  Since the first meet on April 10 against Grosse Pointe South, senior captain Jaden Laster has been prepared...

Getting the ball rolling: Athletic Book Club begins
By Josie Chasiotis and Lindsey Grice April 30, 2024

In a small, quiet room of the library, a select group of athletes chosen for their leadership gather for the first time. In the Athletic Book...

Overcoming hurdles in girls track
By Sage Cole and Vinny Wilhelm April 19, 2024

Swiftly taking on the hurdles on and off the track, the girls track team has faced interruptions within their routine. Changes in the coaching...

Starting from scratch: State Champions hire new coach
By Allie Mattes, Josie Cueter, and Kate Kasuba March 11, 2024

After a memorable Division 2 State Championship win for the girls varsity soccer team, returning players suspect that this year is going to look...

Hail to the cheaters?
By Gabby Miller, Section Editor • February 29, 2024

Those who stayed became champions for University of Michigan Football’s Team 144.  Although they ended their season as National College...

Quick Hits
By Everley Aldridge and Josie Chasiotis February 13, 2024

Boys ice hockey with Matthew Lorelli   Over the last four years, the boys’ varsity ice hockey team at North has encountered many losses...

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NEW HORIZONS| Gaining exposure to a variety of colleges can significantly impact students educational choices and future opportunities. South counselor Jennifer Vick underscores the importance of this exposure in broadening students’ future. “I think its great because you just get some face time and exposure to a lot of different schools,” Said Jennifer Vick. “I always feel like sometimes kids just dont have the chance to see schools. You see the big schools that are playing on TV, or if your parents or siblings go to a school, maybe you have been to a particular campus, but its kind of limited. There are so many different kinds of schools, and different sizes and different programs. I feel like thats kind of a nice entry point because its the first exposure a lot of kids have to different schools they have never heard of.”
One step closer
By Elly Meteer, Mia Schultz, and Brandon Eshman May 23, 2024

College Night is an opportunity for students and parents to engage with colleges from all across the country and learn more about what they offer....

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Making a change in the community
By Josie Chasiotis, Staff Reporter • May 22, 2024

As a nonprofit division of the Rotary organization, Interact Club aims to uplift the community through projects and activities offered to and...

Balancing the field and the classroom
By Eli Kociba, Staff Reporter • May 21, 2024

As the lacrosse ball arcs through the air, the sound of sticks clashing fills the field, echoing the intensity of the game. For Lauren Nixon,...

Sweet tooth science
By Sage Cole and Jolie Plewa May 10, 2024

For the last 14 years, students in Applied Med have participated in a project called “Sweet Tooth Science.” For this project, students are...

The impact of the viola
By Nour Zaki and Everley Aldridge May 7, 2024

Ever since he can remember, music has always been a constant factor in senior Ben Graham's life. From playing on his toy piano at the ripe age...

Growing as a team
By Kenzie Dera and Elissa Singh May 2, 2024

In the North greenhouse, junior Leanna Philips tends to her plants with her fellow Students Against Violations of the Environment members who...

Bass beginnings
By Jolie Plewa, Staff Reporter • April 19, 2024

Over the course of about two years of dedicated practice, freshman Logan Wolfe has become infatuated with the sound of the bass guitar. Inspired...

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