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Sasha Poradun & Akasha Teel
Thinking out loud
By Sasha Poradun, Donell James, and Akasha Teel April 17, 2024

Introducing the Neuralink chip concept in March 2017, founder Elon Musk, aimed to connect human brains to the internet by devices controlled by thought. On Jan. 29 the developed...

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Clinton Township explosion shakes community
By Allie McIntyre, Staff Reporter • April 17, 2024

It was a normal Monday night in Clinton Township, when all of the sudden the ground began to shake unexpectedly.  As community members felt...

Investigation into concerns raised by two North administrators
By Isabella Boedeker, Ian DuVernay, and Kate Kasuba April 10, 2024

On the first floor of the B-building lies Principal Dr. Kate Murray’s office. Found within her office, is a vertical wooden sign with white...

Trump’s run challenged
By Lauren Kaled, Staff Reporter • March 11, 2024

  After former President Donald Trump was linked to allegations surrounding the 2020 presidential election and failure to prevent his...

Unlocking potential: How Apple’s $3,500 headset redefines technology
By Mia Schultz, Brandon Eshman, and Eli Kociba March 7, 2024

The pulse of technology quicked on Feb. 2 when Apple unveiled its groundbreaking Vision Pros. The headset combines accessibility and augmented...

Snowfall shortage link to climate change
By Elly Meteer, Jolie Plewa, and Elissa Singh February 28, 2024

This winter, Michigan has experienced both a decline and delay in snowfall, impacting ski resorts and prompting a need to adjust to climate change....

Unsafe stigma remains for Detroit
By Katie Madigan, Sasha Poradun, and Donell James February 12, 2024

As someone who grew up in Detroit, student-teacher Donald Hightower remembers the city as his home and his place of comfort. By the time Hightower...

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NEW COACHES, NEW NORMAL | Upon the introduction of new sprint coach Erinne Lubienski, track members took on a change within their typical routine, according to junior Mimi Trupiano. “It definitely changed because people had to get used to different rules and different ways that we did practice and workouts.”
Overcoming hurdles in girls track
By Sage Cole and Vinny Wilhelm April 19, 2024

Swiftly taking on the hurdles on and off the track, the girls track team has faced interruptions within their routine. Changes in the coaching staff have posed new hurdles...

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Starting from scratch: State Champions hire new coach
By Allie Mattes, Josie Cueter, and Kate Kasuba March 11, 2024

After a memorable Division 2 State Championship win for the girls varsity soccer team, returning players suspect that this year is going to look...

Hail to the cheaters?
By Gabby Miller, Section Editor • February 29, 2024

Those who stayed became champions for University of Michigan Football’s Team 144.  Although they ended their season as National College...

Quick Hits
By Everley Aldridge and Josie Chasiotis February 13, 2024

Boys ice hockey with Matthew Lorelli   Over the last four years, the boys’ varsity ice hockey team at North has encountered many losses...

Take down on the voids
By Gabby Miller and Nick Saigh January 31, 2024

Underclassmen have ended the Grosse Pointe North’s varsity wrestling team’s streak of voids. Despite the team’s talent and passion, until...

Quick Hits
By Rachel Rumschlag and Kate Kasuba January 26, 2024

Girls synchronized swimming with Juliette Aouad Senior captain Juliette Aouad has participated in synchronized swimming since seventh grade....

Flipping back into gymnastics: North’s gymnastics team is seeing a return of gymnasts after leaving the sport in previous years.
By Allie McIntyre and Josie Cueter December 20, 2023

Specializing in floor and beam, sophomore Emily Bania might be new to the team, but she is not new to gymnastics.  After taking a year off the...

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Courtesy of Logan Wolfe
Bass beginnings
By Jolie Plewa, Staff Reporter • April 19, 2024

Over the course of about two years of dedicated practice, freshman Logan Wolfe has become infatuated with the sound of the bass guitar. Inspired...

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Giving green
By Lilly Kline, Section Editor • April 17, 2024

Tucked away in the corner of the third-floor B-building, room B315 is home to a lush assortment of houseplants in varying stages of life. With...

DECA dominant
By Gabby Miller, Section Editor • April 11, 2024

Since the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year, DECA has been hard at work, consistently preparing for their competitions. After an array of...

Leading with femininity
By Kenzie Dera, Distribution Manager • March 21, 2024

Seeing herself in a leadership role was a daily goal for sales director and Grosse Pointe North Alumni Shelby Weinger, and being hired at Blue...

Journey to Germany
By Gianna Roux and Troy Lipscomb March 20, 2024

This summer, June 23 through July 7, the German Club will travel to Lake Constance, Germany, to meet the pen pals they have been communicating...

Multitasking March Madness
By Gabby Miller and Nick Saigh March 20, 2024

March is often associated with sunshine, flowers and the beginning of spring. However, basketball fans associate March with buzzer-beaters, Cinderella...

Strumming up smiles
By Stephanie Karoutsos and Akasha Teel March 15, 2024

Creating a fun-filled environment with a laid-back classroom vibe is English teacher Paul Golm’s forte. Upon entering his freshman year of...

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