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FAMILY FIRST | Following her brief speech at the podium, North senior Naima Wright invited members of North’s choir to join her at the front of the room. “We have found a tight knit community, some may even say family in many of the extracurricular programs offered at North,” Wright said. “We will be singing the North alma mater to demonstrate the support that not only exists in the performing arts program, but in the Grosse Pointe community as a whole.”
Board meeting lasts nine hours due to district budget discussion
By Grace Cueter, Annabelle Julien, and Katie Madigan June 9, 2023

When senior Naima Wright walked to the podium to give her allotted 3 minute public comment at the May 22 board meeting, she was followed by 15 choir students who joined together...

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New fast food additions shorten lunch commute
By Elly Meteer and Stephanie Karoutsos June 8, 2023

Alongside other students who go out to eat, junior Lea Paluzzi can often be found taking a trip to Starbucks during her lunch period. However,...

Sale of Poupard Property stalls as Robertson and Renovare work to acquire government subsidies
By Grace Cueter and Annabelle Julien May 9, 2023

After the original proposal to sell the former Poupard Elementary building passed with a vote of 5-0 at the school board meeting on Jan. 24,...

TikTok, the clock is running out: Social media app poses potential safety risks
By Isabella Boedeker and Maggie Dunn May 9, 2023

Nearly two and a half years ago the previous presidential administration threatened to ban TikTok in the United States if it did not break...

New bill passed to remove the A-F grading system
By Sasha Poradun, Staff Reporter • May 8, 2023

The Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill to abolish the state's current A-F letter grading system for all public schools on March...

District proposes new budget cuts: Potential halt on band and orchestra instrument funds
By Kaitlyn Barr and Sophia Dragich May 2, 2023

The school board has recently tasked a group of administrators with identifying $3 million in budget reductions by asking them to find places...

Detroit ozone reaches dangerous levels: City fails to meet federal air standards
By Sophia Dragich, Shayla Andrews, and Sage Cole April 11, 2023

The Detroit area has recently experienced increased air pollution, which has led to high levels of ozone in the atmosphere. This issue caused...

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Co-Ed lacrosse game marks the end of both the girls and boys season
Co-Ed lacrosse game marks the end of both the girls and boys season
By Gabe Goode and Lilly Kline June 12, 2023

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On board with the rowing team
By Gabe Goode, Staff Reporter • May 19, 2023

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Battle of the lax’s: Differences between boys and girls lacrosse
By Shayla Andrews and Gianna Roux May 18, 2023

Suited up in their helmets, padding and gloves, the boys lacrosse team can be seen walking onto the field ready for a fight. However, the...

The season sets sail
By Sofia Gualdoni and Lauren Veitengruber May 10, 2023

Before the season began, the sailing team posted flyers around the halls in an effort to spread the word about their team and increase their...

Hitting off the day with varsity girls tennis
By Jo Jackson and Lauren Veitengruber April 26, 2023

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Norsemen Tide shows their pride
By Isabella Boedeker and Mia Schultz April 11, 2023

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Home turf advantage
By Madi Lucido and Allie Mattes April 11, 2023

Sloshing through muddy grass while tracking a ball overhead, leaving the field with dirt-stained jerseys, and feeling the disappointment of a...

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Taking the training wheels off
Taking the training wheels off
By Gianna Roux and Mia Schultz June 8, 2023

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Physiology puts the P-H in PhUn Day
By Sasha Poradun, Staff Reporter • June 7, 2023

Ever since the American Physiological Society started PhUn Day in 2010, the main objective has been educating children about physiology by bringing...

MacMaster’s play is "As good as it gets"
By Christina Shea and Lauren Kaled May 31, 2023

Upwards of 1,000 students submitted their written plays to Michigan State University’s 27th Annual Young Playwrights Festival which provides...

Book your next visit: Renovated library offers new features for students
By Katie Madigan, Wren Cueter, and Lilly Kline May 15, 2023

After being closed since the beginning of the school year to allow renovations to be made to the space, the school library is now back open for...

Welcome to the family: First Bring Your Kid to Work Day since 2019
By Sage Cole, Troy Lipscomb, and Allie Mattes May 11, 2023

Bring Your Kid to Work Day is an American workplace tradition that allows children to experience first-hand what their parents do at their jobs...

Growing greens and gaining ground: Special needs students maintain and sell microgreens
By Grace Cueter and Grace Rossman May 11, 2023

Spreading soil, sprinkling seeds, monitoring growth, harvesting greens and packaging products are all skills that students in the special needs...

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