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Gabby Miller

Gabby Miller, Section Editor

My name is Gabriella Miller, but most people call me Gabby or Gabs. I am a senior and the North Pointe Sports Section Editor. I am extremely passionate about sports and am so excited to merge this passion with creativity to produce new and innovative pages. I look forward to working and writing with my peers. Outside of the North Pointe room, I am very academically involved. I am Norsemen Tide, student council vice president, a LINK Crew leader, Norsemen News anchor, KNOTS member, NHS member, Interact club member, varsity field hockey player, and varsity soccer player. Amongst all the chaos in my life, I have always found peace through sports. Whether I am spectating or playing, I always come out of the experience with stress alleviated. This has created my deep connection to soccer. My team last year made history winning the Division Two State Championship.

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