Shop designs by Cam

By Kate Bania, Gabby Miller, and Lauren Shipe

Some creative and business-owning students at North have begun to spread their art to more people by selling their products in online shops. Sophomore Cameron Beers shows her creative side through the art she sells on Etsy. Beers expresses herself through designing and printing her art onto clothing and stickers. 

Managing her time between work and school has been difficult for Beers. She says she often has to choose between getting orders done or completing important assignments, a task many students have to face when working and going to school. 

“If someone orders something from me then I cut out time in my day to make it for them,” Beers said. 

Beers does not want to waste her time, and believes that working hard should come with a profit. To make money, Beers is angling her shop toward customers that have money to spend.

I am trying to target income because I want to make profit off of my items because of the time and work I put into my shop,” Beers said.

The artist has learned to price her products fairly, working to give her clients the best deals possible while still earning money. She says that takes into account everything she needs and goes from there.

My store items are priced based off of how much I spend on supplies for the item I am making so I can receive profit,” Beers said.  

Her favorite part about running the shop is the wide variety of locations that she receives orders from. Whether the orders are from Michigan or Florida, she always delivers.

 “[It is cool] seeing all the people from different places in the world who order from me and the variety in what they order,” Beers said. 

The entrepreneur recommends that other students start their own business. Although it might be time consuming, she believes that other students will enjoy the chance to create their own designs and earn revenue from it.

“I think it’s a really cool opportunity and it’s very fun to work on it,” Beers said.

 Time and patience are two key parts of Beers’ philosophy. She recommends that any student starting a business should use their time wisely and not rush through things. She believes that working hard for good quality is an important factor and quality takes time. 

Beers explains that her desire to explore the business side of her creativity was the inspiration for her shop and her drive to succeed.

I chose to open my own business because my cousin has her own, and it really inspired me to open one myself because it looked very fun,” Beers said.

  Because she is truly enjoying her business and the work that comes with it, Beers wants to continue pursuing it. Her Etsy shop brings her joy, spreading her art and love to all of her customers.

“I want to continue my operation for as long as possible because I love doing it,” Beers said.