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Arei Swain

Arei Swain, Social Media Editor

I am Areion, a high school student at Grosse Pointe North. I consider myself to be a very free- spirit and it really shows through my energy. I am a very talkative person and someone who is
always energetic no matter the time of the day. I enjoy watching sports in my free time like basketball and football. I love to workout and go to the gym as well as play basketball. I am in love with my phone and I don't think that I can ever part from it. I like to be with people in person but my phone is also very important to me. This is my third year in North Pointe and I am
excited for what's in store for the staff.It has been great to watch our publication get better and better every single year. This experience has taught me teamwork skills and also how to problem solve effectively.

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