March is for Madness

By Arei Swain, Social Media Editor

March Madness has been a tradition for 83 years. It features 68 college basketball teams from Division Ⅰ of the National Collegiate Athletic Association who battle it out in an action packed month in order for a NCAA national champion to be crowned. Throughout the years, it has become very popular to predict the outcome of the games once the seeding of each team is released. With single elimination games, brackets can fall apart quickly, and with so many games happening it is sometimes hard to keep track of all of the games and storylines. 

NCAA March Madness Live: ★★★★★

NCAA March Madness Live is a free app that features live scores of the games, articles and videos that all keep  fans updated daily. Users can create brackets and pick the teams that they think will advance as the tournament progresses. The app is also very intuitive, which helps in terms of navigation. It allows users to be able to view the actual bracket and compare it to their own to see how they’re doing in the challenge. An added feature is the option to sign in with your tv provider in order to catch the games while on the go. Overall, March Madness Live gets a rating of 5/5 because of the different components of it.



CBS Sports App Scores & News: ★★★★

CBS Sports App Scores & News Rating is also a very good app for following March Madness. It allows users to personalize the app based on their team preferences.  This app also recommends certain teams based on location. Another positive about CBS Sports App is that users are able to customize your notification preferences, so there is no need to worry about missing updates from the game. The only component that this app does not have is the opportunity for users to create a bracket for the tournament. Therefore, this app receives a rating of 4/5 because it has everything else that a follower of March Madness would like. 


ESPN Tournament Challenge: ★★★


ESPN Tournament Challenge is a free app that allows users to create brackets and climb the leaderboards by predicting the right outcomes of the games as the tournament progresses. While Tournament Challenge does have news, it does not show real scores and it is kind of inconvenient. The app is easy to navigate, so the user won’t have to worry about struggling with it. However, I believe the app is almost too straightforward and simple, not having game scores and highlights like the other apps, and for that reason it has a rating of 3/5.




The madness has begun, do you agree with some of your fellow Norsemen’s picks for the tournament?