Shores Nutrition: meal supplements done correctly


By Arei Swain, Intern

Shores Nutrition, the juice and smoothie bar in Saint Clair Shores, is hidden and hard to locate the first time you visit. However, making the effort to find the restaurant, which may be harder than it seems even with a GPS, is completely worth it. 

When you enter the cafe, you are hit with the smell of sweet fruit and scented candles. The workers acknowledge you with a smile and ask how your day is going. Looking around the inside of Shores Nutrition, you will see and feel the modern but comfortable vibe. It is clean and will make you want to relax while you enjoy your drink.

The process of ordering a drink is fairly simple. When you enter, one of the employees will explain the ordering process. To make ordering more efficient, you fill out a card to get the perfect drink for you. Since I was not familiar with the setup, the employee helped me in a very polite and friendly manner. 

The categories of the shakes and drinks on the menu are very specific, and they appeal to customers with all different kinds of tastes. It’s recommended that you purchase a tea and a shake. When you do this, typically, you are told to drink the tea first because it burns calories by drinking it. The tea that I ordered, Skittles Tea with Cranberry and Lemon-lime, had a fresh, sweet but sour taste. It was refreshing and did not taste fattening. The Banana Cream Pie Shake was delicious, and I didn’t feel bad about eating it because it seemed healthy enough to enjoy on the regular. 

The time that they took to create the drinks was very reasonable, and I can say that I would go back if I am in the area again. I like how customers can create their drink from scratch—I think that is the best thing about this cafe. To me, they nailed the drink presentation, it looked very appetizing. Overall, Shores Nutrition earned a 4.5 from me. The price of the drinks may have been a little more than the average person wants to spend, however, I think the quality is worth the extra dollars.