Cheese? Yes, please: New cheese shop impresses with their take on sustainable merchandise


By Hayley Zalewski, Staff Reporter

Even though Cheese to Please can be easy to miss because of its small size, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the store should be enough to draw customers in. The little, Napa-inspired charcuterie shop sticks out amongst the others on Mack Avenue because of the trendy dark exterior that catches your eye. 

As I walked into the elegant shop, I was surprised when I saw the light and bright interior which is comprised of a white and tan color palette. I was enticed by the comforting environment and the warmth that was displayed. For it being the owner’s first and only brick-and-mortar store, I very much enjoyed the calm and quiet setting. I was immediately assisted by the owner, and she was very helpful in answering the numerous questions I had. 

Not only are they all about charcuterie, they also sell a number of different items related to cooking and hosting. The store even sells clothing, bags and hats. Something that intrigued me was that their main intent is to cut down on their plastic intake and choose to sell local, sustainable products. Everything sold in this small establishment can be recycled, repurposed or reused. 

They only offer a few different items to-go at Cheese to Please, so that narrows down your choices for ready-made food. I bought one of the mini charcuterie boards, which cost $18. It almost always comes with the same ingredients, and there are no customizable options. Yet, for parties and big events, you can have the board made to your liking.  I paired the board with the La Colombe Vanilla Oat Milk Latte since they didn’t offer any drinks that were made in-house. I also bought a Mast chocolate bar since the owner recommended it, which made my total $24.99. The price of the board itself did seem a little steep, but I completely understand that a small business like this that is trying to sell more ethical products needs to have their prices set at a certain standard. 

The mini board was very delicious. The different combinations of flavors and food made it unique, but for picky eaters, it might not be the best option. It consisted of many types of olives, nuts, and meats like salami, as well as cheeses like Brie and Gouda.  It also contained many different fruits and vegetables like pickles, blueberries, red and green grapes, and dried apricots. There was also a package of honey and a package of sourdough flatbread crackers included as well. The way it was arranged was absolutely stunning and the deli meat shaped into a rose was a very nice touch. The mixture of flavors created a very appetizing experience for me and I loved combining all of the different ingredients to create something amazing. 

Overall, I would give Cheese to Please 4.5/5 stars. The to-go boxes are good for people with a distinguished taste palate and although their prices can be expensive, the ambiance makes up for it. The boards they offer would be more fitting for a bigger party or for an actual event, but if you’re willing to try their to-go charcuterie boards, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.