Italian triple feat: how three local Italian restaurants compare


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Above, the Grosse Pointe Woods Da Edoardo restaurant location.

By Michael Hartt, Editor in Chief

Da Eduardo – 5 stars

Da Eduardo’s has been a well recognized establishment in the community since its opening in 1956. The warm atmosphere, hospitable service and great food are what it is best known for. Unfortunately, given the circumstances we are in as a result of the pandemic, we can no longer experience the amazing dine in experience there. Their take out, however, is still excellent. 

On a snowy and cold night late last week, I ordered the Lasagne Verde alla Bolognese, an oven baked layered spinach pasta lasagne with bechamel and bolognese sauce. It came with a choice of soup, of which I chose the classic Minestrone Da Edoardo, a thick and creamy soup with vegetables and pasta. The ordering process was easy and the pickup was seamless. The service was friendly and courteous throughout the process.

As soon as I got home, I unwrapped the food and began to prepare my plate and bowl. Once I got settled, I evaluated everything. The presentation, although transported in boxes, was excellent. Both dishes looked superb and even had garnishes on them. 

Even though everything was amazing, the taste of the food was by far the best aspect of the experience. The lasagne from Da Eduardo is the best I have ever had. It is rich, but not overly indulgent where it would upset your stomach. The bolognese sauce is excellent and has a balanced sweet, salty and creamy flavor profile. The texture of the dish is excellent as well. Every bite melts in your mouth and the pasta is cooked perfectly al dente. The soup, amongst many versions of minestrone that I have tried over the years, was incredible as well. I liked how Da Eduardo’s version has a little bit of cream added in it. The addition makes the soup perfect for winter. Everything in the soup was so fresh and the taste of the dish was perfect as well.

Overall, everything about Da Eduardo’s was out of this world. I think that the two dishes I tried are the best of any Italian restaurant in the metro area. I will definitely return, especially when restaurants hopefully reopen early next year.

Above, the storefront of Gaudinos restaurant and Italian market.
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Gaudinos – 4.5 stars

Gaudino’s is another well known restaurant in the area, although its current location has not been open as long as Da Eduardo’s or Ferlito’s. From its storefront near the corner of 11 mile and Harper, it operates as a specialty Italian market and restaurant, both which have excellent and authentic options.

In the late afternoon on a Tuesday last week, I yearned for a light and early dinner. To compensate for my cravings, I ordered the arugula salad, which includes shaved parmesan and a lemon vinaigrette, and the flash fried calamari. Both are technically supposed to be eaten before an entree, but I figured I could combine them into one. The service at Gaudinos was also very seamless. I simply called, placed my order and then picked it up at their storefront. They also offer curbside service for those who feel uncomfortable going inside. 

Once home, I opened the boxes and observed the presentation. It was average for carryout. Nothing to boast about, but also not horrible. When I have visited Gaudino’s and dined in person in the past, the presentation was always excellent, so the fact that the carryout was not the same came as a shock to me.

The food, however, was amazing as always. The salad had the perfect combination of flavors. There was a spice flavor in the arugula as always, a saltiness from the parmesan and a wonderful tangy sweetness from the lemon vinaigrette. The calamari was excellent as well. It was tender, crispy and thankfully, not greasy. The meal was exactly what I wanted it to be, fresh and not heavy. The two dishes together complemented each other very well and I would highly recommend ordering them together.

All in all, I really enjoyed my experience dining at home from Gaudino’s. The food, as previously elaborated on, is wonderful and the casual menu and ordering atmosphere made for a wonderful evening.

Photo credit: Metro Alive                                                                                   Above, a look inside the main dining room of Ferlito’s.

Ferlitos – 5 stars

Of the three restaurants I reviewed this issue, Ferlitos is the one I have had the most experience dining at. I have dined there hundreds of times, and I have always loved the experience. 

Although I have tried something from almost every category of the menu there, on the night I ordered, I was craving a cup of their chicken noodle soup and a slice of pepperoni pizza. So, that is precisely what I ordered. Ordering from Ferlito’s was an easy experience, although their menu was more difficult for me to find online then the other two establishments. The service on the phone and when I picked up the food was perfect. Efficient and friendly – just the way I like it. 

When I opened everything as I got home, I was delighted to find that the presentation of the food was great. I must admit though, it ‘s fairly difficult to mess up the presentation of pizza and soup. 

The taste of the food was incredible too. The pizza was thin crust with the perfect ratio of sauce, cheese and toppings. The ingredients are also clearly fresh and high quality. The soup was amazing as always. For anyone who hasn’t been to Ferlito’s, the chicken noodle soup is the first thing that you should order. The broth is the best of any soup I have ever tried, and makes the flavor of the whole dish. It also has a unique spherical shaped noodle that makes the texture of the soup unique and fun.

As always, I was very happy with my dining experience at Ferlito’s. I will continue to order carryout from them and hopefully return to their establishment for in person dining early next year.