The scoop on Modern Cone: Ice cream shop revamps menu and interior


By Ella McCarthy, Section Editor

After being closed for a couple of months for renovations, Saint Clair Shores ice cream shop Modern Cone came back with not just a new interior, but new menu items as well. Right when you walk in, you are greeted with an overall brighter environment of pinks and grays on the walls and booths, as well as in their eye-catching neon signs. I liked the replacement of their old table and chair set up with now classic booths that have a pink and cream color combination. My favorite part of the renovation however had to be the double bowtie cone light fixtures on the walls, as they look just like ice cream cones, which I love. Once I sat down to enjoy some ice cream with my friend, I found myself looking around and enjoying the interior just as much. Aside from the renovations, the treats were delicious, the staff was kind and helpful and the overall price was just about $20 for all four items, so we had a great experience. 

★ ★ ★ ★ (Photo credit: Ella McCarthy) 

One of the menu items that caught my eye was their classic ice cream stacker. After looking through the options, my friend and I decided on their “I Want S’more” stacker. While ordering at the counter, their friendly staff gave us the option of hard scoop or soft serve, and we could pick our flavor. We chose a hard scoop of vanilla to which they then added chocolate syrup, crushed graham crackers, and mini marshmallows. However, I think I would have preferred bigger pieces of graham crackers as well as marshmallow fluff instead to add some texture interest. It was otherwise a good pick, and I would rate it 3.5/5 stars.

★★★★★ (Photo credit: Ella McCarthy)

One of the new additions to their menu is an affogato, which is ice cream with espresso poured over it. My friend and I just could not get enough of this, the two flavors together make for such a great combination. If you are a coffee and ice cream lover, I can confidently say this would be a dream. Next time I go back, this 5/5 star item is definitely what I will be getting.  

★ ★ ★ ★ (Photo credit: Ella McCarthy)

Considering coffee was a new addition, we decided to get just a regular coffee as well. They have options for both hot and cold brew. It was very good and went really well with the Reese’s cookie that we got. However, I wish they had more options for creamers and add-ins than just half and half, so I would give it 4/5 stars. 


★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (Photo credit: Ella McCarthy

Once we were in the store and saw their Reese’s cookie, we just had to add it to the mix. The staff asked if we had a preference out of the batch as well as if we wanted it warmed or not. We would soon come to thank ourselves for asking to get it warmed because it made it perfect. The cookie had an ideal texture and flavor, and having it with the coffee was such a good combination. I would definitely get this again without hesitation, so I confidently give it 5/5 stars.