Underrated Summer Activities


Photo credit: Arei Swain

By Arei Swain, Staff Reporter

With the school year ending soon and summer approaching, summer vacation is one of the main things on everyone’s mind. After a long year of schooling, relaxing would be an ideal thing to do this summer, however many summer activities are overlooked. 

1. Going on a bike ride – If you own a bike, or have access to one, riding a bike is no hassle. It’s easy and inexpensive. Bike riding is an activity that you can do by yourself or with others, and is a  good way to monitor your physical health and stay active while still having fun. In the nice summer weather, this will be a good way to get exercise and experience the nice atmosphere.

2. Having picnics – Picnics are a nice way to relieve stress. Whether it is an old-fashioned picnic outside on the grass at a park or an indoor picnic with a couple of friends or family members, this is also an easy summer activity that allows you to unwind and just enjoy a summer day. Having a picnic does not take much effort and is good for your mental health.

3. ReadingAlthough reading may be considered an activity that is related to school, reading has proven to be beneficial to someone’s mental health. Reading a book allows you to detach from reality and focus on a story that interests you. Books don’t only stimulate your mind but also calm your body. They give you an escape from situations that you might need to step away from momentarily.

4. Garden or Yard Work –  The outdoor environment and taking care of a garden or your yard can be beneficial as well. It can give you a chance to connect with nature and being in nature has proven to be calming. It is a good way to be out of the house and on your feet, doing something that not only is good for your mental health but also just to try something new.

5. Swimming –  Swimming is usually one of the more popular summer activities that teenagers do. However, it is still not valued the way that it should be. Swimming allows teens to work out because of the physical exertion that the activity itself requires even when it does not feel like much of a workout at all.

6. Yoga – Yoga is an activity that can be good for both physical and mental health. It forces you to do breathing exercises but it has more physical components. It focuses on stretching and strengthening your muscles. You can also improve your flexibility. It is easy to do and will help you get up and move around.

Finding activities in the summer that are meaningful to you might not be as hard as it sounds. Most of the activities are not as popular as relaxing in the house with technology, however, these activities may be more beneficial in the long run to your mental and physical health.