Battle of the languages: French and German classes face off in basketball match

By Shayla Andrews and Maggie Dunn

French and German students stood across from each other in the gym on Feb. 3, waiting for the rival basketball game to begin. The German students had challenged the French students earlier in the week, and it was now time to see who would come out on top.  

The teams practiced for almost a week, eagerly waiting to compete in the basketball game. While the game was played for fun and bragging rights for many of the players, the funds from selling food and drinks were used to raise money for the German and French clubs.

With a game-winning shot in the last few minutes, the French team emerged victorious, with a score of 28-26. The victory for the French class came from dedication by the students and their teamwork, according to French teacher Amy Olenzek. 

“[There was] a lot of good teamwork and people helping each other and encouraging each other, so that was nice to see,” Olenzek said.

Sophomore Donell James played for the French team and is looking forward to a possible rematch against the Germans, or the chance of a game against the Spanish class.

 “I would definitely like to play again,” James said, “It would be fun and it would be a great way to get the languages out there so people would like to take them.”

Despite losing, the German team fought until the end, resulting in a very close game. Junior Jonathan Lackner was still impressed by his team’s performance, despite the disparities in player numbers.  

“For the German team, we only had six players due to scheduling issues, so I played the whole game,” Lackner said. “Besides that I am impressed we came so close to a victory.”

Both language classes had a lot of fun playing and gave it their all to win. With the final score of the basketball game, both teams agree there needs to be a rematch.  The German team wants to prove they can win, while the French team aims to prove their victory was deserved.

“All I have to say is that we will be back,” Lackner said.