Faces in the crowd: Freshman Tyler Jones


By Colin Haroutunian, Intern

While some students collect sports trophies, others may treasure varieties of foreign coins.  For freshman Tyler Jones, his long-standing collection is comprised of comic books of both past and present.

Starting in fifth grade, Jones began his amassment of comic books with “Batman,” which he bought at a nearby store. He was amazed by the sheer number of comics available. Even though Jones continues to collect since then, at times, his collection has dwindled in amount.

“I gave (my most valuable comic book) to one of my really, really special teachers, and it was an old 60s ‘Batman’ comic. It was worth like a hundred dollars or something,” Jones said.

As the comics age, so do the businesses that provide them. The store that provided Jones an introduction to collecting closed, yet the memories, alongside the comics, still remain. When asked about the magnitude of his current comic collection, Jones provided a response of brevity:

“I honestly don’t know.”