Faces in the crowd: Senior Stephanie Korte


By Sofia Ketels, Editor

In the midst of the beginning of the school year and spirit week, senior Stephanie Korte has been looking forward to what the year has in store, but says she has been a little distracted from the nostalgia it usually brings.

“I feel like so into my schooling right now,” Korte said. “I can’t think of anything else, I’m sure I will be sad towards the end of the year”

Still, Korte has been enjoying the beginning of the year festivities so far. For spirit week, she said she’s had fun looking through her old class t-shirts, and seeing all of the decorations and effort she put into them. As for her favorite part of the year so far, Korte said she liked seeing North’s victory against South in the rivalry football game.

“(It looked like) we were going to lose.” Korte said “It’s something about winning, especially since it’s senior year, the last game we get to win.”