Faces in the crowd: Junior Ellie Frame


Photo credit: Ellie Frame

By Michal Ruprecht, Assistant Editor

Instead of going home after school on Thursdays, junior Ellie Frame heads to Beaumont Hospital Grosse Pointe where she serves as a volunteer. Frame started at the beginning of the school year. She escorts and discharges patients, delivers flowers and directs visitors.

“My grandma was a nurse at Beaumont so she knew of the volunteers and then I have a few friends that do it also,” Frame said. “It gives me a view of how hospitals and the medical field kind of play out which I get to go kind of behind the scenes of it all sometimes, and it helps me work with my people skills also because I’m always working with others around me and always having to converse with them.”

This experience has reinforced Frame’s aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. She said she wants to continue volunteering in college.

“It’s showed me a broader perspective of the world and … allows me to meet new people,” she said. “I’ve met tons of people that are in different positions in life as me and it really makes me appreciate Grosse Pointe, my family a lot more and how lucky I am.”