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“ goal is to try to get everyone to kind of create connections with other people," television production teacher Brian Stackpoole said.
Wellness Wednesday seminars offered for mental health support among students
By Brandon Miller December 17, 2020

New amidst remote learning, Wellness Wednesday seminars are a new opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers that they may not otherwise get a chance...

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New remote learning plan takes effect on Dec. 7
By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief • December 10, 2020

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the district introduced the altered remote learning schedule for students. The plan, taking effect Monday, Dec. 7, implemented...

Proposed remote learning plan removed, future plans for face-to-face learning
By Farrah Fasse and Sophia Dragich November 24, 2020

Return to school postponed, midterms canceled On Nov. 6, GPPSS announced the postponement of the return to in-person learning for high school...

Overwhelmed students and faculty seek solutions
By Michael Hartt, Editor-In-Chief • November 16, 2020

Senior Amelia Schock says that the online school format implemented at the start of the school year has caused her to be more overwhelmed with...

The future of face to face learning
By Joleigh Jackson and Areion Swain November 1, 2020

On March 30, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released an executive order that put Michigan on lockdown due to an increased number of Covid-19 cases,...

Contentious school board elections raises concern among students
By Michael Hartt, Alyssa King, and Drew Lovell October 30, 2020

Senior Joe Mieczkowski believes that the current school board election is the most contentious one of his lifetime. He attributes the tension...

Lesson planning for students during online school
By Jamison Townsend, Intern • May 5, 2020

As the year progresses, more and more information about the COVID-19 pandemic comes out. Life has changed for many Americans as restaurants,...

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Infectious disease specialist Mia Taormina says that one of the biggest risks of gathering for the holidays is eating around a table with family or friends outside of your household. She doesn’t advise anyone to gather at all, however, if some still do insist on getting together, she asserts the importance of taking extra precaution around eating dinner together. “...People need to be eating in every room in the house, basically not gathered around a table, having your own plate and your TV tray and whatnot to stay away from each other,” Taormina said. “So you
Handling the holiday season while considering COVID-19
By Farrah Fasse and Kaitlyn Barr December 22, 2020

As the cold-weathered winter months approach, there has been a concerning surge in cases of COVID-19, with Michigan currently having over 400,000...

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Student Association gives back during the holiday season
By Grace Cueter, Section Editor • December 22, 2020

As GPPSS continues through online schooling, it has proven hard to continue regular activities, but the Student Association has found a way to...

Students giving back this winter season
By Drew Lovell, Intern • December 22, 2020

Although many students, teachers and community members have been plagued by challenges as a result of COVID-19, many students are still finding...

Diversity Club and Social Justice League host first annual IDEA week
By Bella Yoakam and Annabelle Julien December 17, 2020

Taking place Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and Dec. 3, North kicked off a new tradition with their first-ever Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Allyship...

School clubs amid COVID-19
By Grace Cueter and Alexa Mazzola December 1, 2020

In the midst of virtual learning, North’s clubs are doing everything they can in order to stay active, including Zoom meetings and Covid-19...

Big Boy reopens after 2018 fire
By Colin Duffy and Grace Rossman November 24, 2020

For years, students have gathered at the restaurant, Big Boy, to share a meal and make memories. After a fire forced Big Boy to close its doors...

5 Covid-friendly ways to celebrate Halloween safely
By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief • October 31, 2020

While trick-or-treating and parties may be out of the picture, Halloween still calls for spooky celebration! Here's our picks for the best Halloween...

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“Farewell, Stafford”
“Farewell, Stafford”
By Colin Duffy, Social Media Editor • December 21, 2020

Detroit is home to numerous great sports franchises: the Tigers with their four World Series rings, the Red Wings with their fabled 25-year playoff streak and the Pistons...

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Development of a COVID-19 Vaccine
December 21, 2020

Over the past year, scientists and doctors have conducted research to create a COVID-19 vaccine. With a huge number of companies working...

Covid-19 causes winter sports cancellations
December 1, 2020

As a result of a rise in Covid-19 cases, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released new guidelines which state that all organized...

Varsity football team wins first game in over a year
November 5, 2020

Following a 0-9 record in the 2019 season, the Grosse Pointe North varsity football team won their first game in over a year. On Sept. 25 the...

School sports in the era of COVID-19
November 2, 2020

Athletic Director Michelle Davis and her staff have been working to implement recent changes in MHSAA guidelines. The MHSAA recently released...

“The Last Dance” not quite a slam dunk
May 29, 2020

“The Last Dance,” a 10 part documentary portraying the rise of the undisputed, greatest basketball player of all time, was originally...

Advantage or obstruction?
April 13, 2020

To many student athletes, sports advantages are anything but new. Whether these assets include cutting-edge equipment or a thought-out game plan,...

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