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Emergency board meeting postpones adolescent health clinic
Emergency board meeting postpones adolescent health clinic
By Annabelle Julien and Grace Rossman January 20, 2023

The four-hour emergency school board meeting on Jan. 19, called only 48 hours prior to the event, brought a large crowd into the multipurpose room at Brownell Middle School....

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New law allows michigan schools to share critical incident mapping
By Jo Jackson, Web Editor • January 19, 2023

For the last 22 years, Michigan school districts have been required by law to submit information to local law enforcement about school building...

Paint therapy
By Bella Yoakam, Section Editor • January 6, 2023

In addition to chair yoga to help students relax and destress, Peer2Peer invited an art therapist to the Wellness Fair to help teach other forms...

Chair yoga 
By Allie Mattes, Intern • January 6, 2023

The Wellness Fair on Dec. 8 and 9 was hosted by Peer2Peer, a group that aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. The fair provided...

Experiences in literature: Q and A with English department chairs, Kristen Alles and Jonathan Byrne
By Ella McCarthy, Section Editor • January 6, 2023

On Nov. 14, the GPPSS school board approved the addition of a new English course at North titled “Experiences in Literature.” We asked English...

Community health check-up: Adolescent health clinic to open in science building
By Kaitlyn Barr, Sasha Poradun, and Maggie Dunn January 6, 2023

On May 18, GPPSS was awarded a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to open an Adolescent Health Clinic which...

Today in the forecast: Book flakes
By Wren Cueter, Intern • January 5, 2023

It's December and to patrons of the library that means one thing: Book Flakes. The yearly challenge is put on by librarian Amanda Pata who...

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Overcoming Difficulties | Facing challenges with an ankle injury, and attending a camp changed freshman Jessica Taylor’s perspective of her life as a gymnast. “I went to a gymnastics camp over the summer with gymnasts from all over the state,” Taylor said. “They encouraged me to not let my ankle injury control what I decide to do, and explained how I should continue gymnastics because it is what I’ve done since I was little and it’s very important to me.”
Putting it all on the floor: The GP united gymnastic team has drive this season
By Lauren Veitengruber and Stephanie Karoutsos January 11, 2023

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Passing the ball : Johnson continues father’s coaching legacy
By Grace Cueter and Sophia Gauldoni January 11, 2023

Leaving the gym after a day as a youth summer basketball coach, Rob Johnson knew that he had discovered something he was passionate about. As...

Running her way to states: Deskins places herself on the record board
By Kaitlyn Barr and Isabella Boedeker December 6, 2022

While many athletes view running as a punishment, for sophomore Lillian Deskins, track and cross country are her essence— nothing compares...

Healthy competition: Local rivalries unite our community
By Madi Lucido, Copy Editor • December 4, 2022

Michigan vs. Michigan State and North vs. South are Grosse Pointe’s most familiar rivalries. Rivalry game days for Grosse Pointers result in...

Friday Night Lights are Getting Brighter
By Madi Lucido and Allie Mattes November 3, 2022

The varsity football team has flipped the switch on Friday night lights. After a tough season last year, they have stepped up their game with...

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Examining the effect of midterms in a college setting: Weighted first semester exams return after two years
Examining the effect of midterms in a college setting: Weighted first semester exams return after two years
By Katie Madigan and Christina Shea January 24, 2023

After two years of exam-free first semesters due to the COVID-19 pandemic, midterm exams made a full comeback in 2023. While students in the...

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Drama Club takes on the Thespian Festival
By Hayley Zalewski, Staff Reporter • January 17, 2023

The Michigan Thespian Festival held at the Lansing Conference Center this year was attended by the drama club. This hands-on experience helped...

Recent violence causes heartbreak in the LGBTQ+ community: Students and staff reflect on Club Q shooting
By Elly Meteer, Jo Jackson, and Lauren Kaled January 17, 2023

Societal Homophobia  Coming out as gay wasn’t something to sweat over for freshman Silas Wooten. With his strong, supportive and caring...

HCIC revived post pandemic, providing more opportunities to explore the medical field
By Annabelle Julien and Troy Lipscomb January 11, 2023

The Health Careers Investigations Club at North has tried to increase the amount of students pursuing careers in the medical field since...

Students trot around Detroit on Thanksgiving Day
By Allie McIntyre and Jamie Wallace December 13, 2022

Every year on Thanksgiving Day, the Turkey Trot takes place in downtown Detroit. The tradition has become a staple of the metro Detroit area...

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