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Although a return to in-person learning has brought a sense of normalcy back to many students
Secondary schools resume in-person class instruction
By Michael Hartt, Editor-in-Chief • February 2, 2021

Senior Sarah Shanley, after months of being subjected to an online school environment as a result of COVID-19, is very relieved that she returned to school in person instruction...

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The psychological impact of Covid-19
By Brandon Miller, Staff Reporter • January 29, 2021

While Covid-19 is a dangerous health concern within itself, research has found that there is another risk involved in being separated and quarantined...

Wellness Wednesday seminars offered for mental health support among students
By Brandon Miller December 17, 2020

New amidst remote learning, Wellness Wednesday seminars are a new opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teachers that they...

New remote learning plan takes effect on Dec. 7
By Amelia Nowicki, Editor-in-Chief • December 10, 2020

On Wednesday, Dec. 2, the district introduced the altered remote learning schedule for students. The plan, taking effect Monday, Dec. 7, implemented...

Proposed remote learning plan removed, future plans for face-to-face learning
By Farrah Fasse and Sophia Dragich November 24, 2020

Return to school postponed, midterms canceled On Nov. 6, GPPSS announced the postponement of the return to in-person learning for high school...

Overwhelmed students and faculty seek solutions
By Michael Hartt, Editor-In-Chief • November 16, 2020

Senior Amelia Schock says that the online school format implemented at the start of the school year has caused her to be more overwhelmed with...

The future of face to face learning
By Joleigh Jackson and Areion Swain November 1, 2020

On March 30, Governor Gretchen Whitmer released an executive order that put Michigan on lockdown due to an increased number of Covid-19 cases,...

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Happy and healthy reinvented
Happy and healthy reinvented
By Gabbi Bielak and Victoria Wittenberg February 1, 2021

In 2021’s version of the winter season, it’s gotten even harder to be health conscious. That being said, it’s still important to dive deeper into the unconventional...

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Winter athletic season put on hold amid Covid-19 spikes
January 29, 2021

On Jan. 21, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services postponed winter sports once again despite seeing overwhelmingly negative test...

“Farewell, Stafford”
December 21, 2020

Detroit is home to numerous great sports franchises: the Tigers with their four World Series rings, the Red Wings with their fabled 25-year playoff...

Development of a COVID-19 Vaccine
December 21, 2020

Over the past year, scientists and doctors have conducted research to create a COVID-19 vaccine. With a huge number of companies working...

Covid-19 causes winter sports cancellations
December 1, 2020

As a result of a rise in Covid-19 cases, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services released new guidelines which state that all organized...

Varsity football team wins first game in over a year
November 5, 2020

Following a 0-9 record in the 2019 season, the Grosse Pointe North varsity football team won their first game in over a year. On Sept. 25 the...

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Cookie crisis
Cookie crisis
By Sophia Dragich and Annabelle Julien February 24, 2021

Juniors Stephanie Westrick and Dani Lubienski have been participating in Girl Scouts and selling cookies for 11 years, but Covid-19 has prevented...

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Senior’s small business
By Kaitlyn Barr, Staff Reporter • February 24, 2021

Senior Elliot Millican has always been very interested in art and making their own things. So, when Millican saw Instagram accounts beginning...

Student Association organizes toy drive
By Grace Rossman, Staff Reporter • February 22, 2021

This past week, students donated toys to be given to The Children’s Hospital of Michigan in honor of Jake Pennar, a Monteith Elementary student,...

Peer-to-peer program launches
By Alyssa King, Intern • February 8, 2021

The stigma surrounding mental health has been an ongoing issue for a long time, especially among young teens. With immense amounts of stress...

Choir class copes with remote learning
By Arei Swain and Drew Lovell February 2, 2021

Choir class has always been interactive for students, with concerts and competitions. However, the class has not been that way recently due...

Pandemic test prep
By Amelia Nowicki, Editor in Chief • January 29, 2021

While spending her Saturday in a half-empty classroom, senior Mia Cassar sat at one of the few desks in the building, hunched over a thick packet....

Handling the holiday season while considering COVID-19
By Farrah Fasse and Kaitlyn Barr December 22, 2020

As the cold-weathered winter months approach, there has been a concerning surge in cases of COVID-19, with Michigan currently having over 400,000...

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