Faces in the crowd: Freshman John Favenyesi


By Colin Haroutunian, Intern

Resigning from both the school year and his hobbies of playing video games and reading books, freshman John Favenyesi recently experienced a cruise to the Bahamas in July.

Traveling with his brother, aunt and uncle, he was able to involve himself in a variety of activities on the boat, most notably, its water slide.

“(The water slide) wasn’t much of a thorough ride,” Favenyesi said. “It was nice because you got to see the boat.”

Yet, he was also on land in Nassau, Bahamas for one of its water park attractions, where he swam with dolphins.

“(The water) was a bit cloudy, because it actually had sand, and I couldn’t see very well,” he said. “It was really interesting to be close to them, because it’s not something you experience everyday in Michigan.”