Faces in the crowd: Junior Lee Daniel


Photo credit: Lee Daniel

By Lyndsay Kluge, Staff Reporter

Few students graduate early. However, junior Lee Daniel is on that path, having the required amount of credits.

“I’m doing it because my family is moving to North Carolina this summer and I didn’t want to switch schools for senior year,” Daniel said.

Daniel plans to attend a college in New York City next fall, and is visiting schools over Mid-winter Break.

“My top choice right now is the New School in New York City”, Daniel said. “The liberal arts division is Eugene Lang College, and that is where I would want to go.”

Since it is her last year in high school, Daniel was determined  to get even more involved in this year’s production compared to her previous years. Daniel took on the role of stage manager for both the play and the musical as a result. She works with the stage crew and cast to put on the performance.

“By definition, you are the leader of stage crew, so you make sure set pieces are getting on and off stage when they need to, props are in order, and everything related to that,” Daniel said. “Anything that needs to be done on a show that somebody else isn’t already doing, becomes my job.”

Daniel is glad to be the stage manager, and is ready for the road ahead of her.

“I am so fortunate to have lived here in Grosse Pointe and be able to come to North,” Daniel said. “I have had so much fun, and can’t wait to see what happens next.”