North Pointe Now

Lyndsay Kluge, staff reporter

Hello everyone! My name is Lyndsay Kluge. I am a freshman here at North. I love the high school atmosphere and being involved in such an amazing family, making me run for and become class president. I’m an intern on the North Pointe staff and I love to write! When I’m not writing articles for the paper, you will find me sitting in a comfy chair in my house doing homework, occasionally taking a quick intermission to check my phone. If I am free and have time, I will usually be with my family or friends just catching up on life. One thing that I love to do besides writing is running on the cross country team with my friends. You will always see us zooming up and down the streets having a blast. I also ride horses and play the violin and piano. Well, thank you for reading the North Pointe, and have a wonderful day!

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