Faces in the Crowd: Michael Kehrig

Faces in the Crowd: Michael Kehrig

By Sarah Shanley , Staff Reporter

For Sophomore Michael Kehrig, running isn’t just a sport, it has shaped him into who he is today. He plans to do it for at least the rest of his highschool years.

“It’s been the foundation of who I am, and led to who I hang out with because I’ve been on (track) team, and most of the people that I run with I’m close to now.  It’s shaped my friend group.”

      Kehrig discovered his love for running when he joined the sixth grade running club at Parcells Middle School.

“In the sixth grade I did the running club, and that’s what started my spark to love running,”  Kehrig said.

During track season,  Kehrig balances his school, work, and running by going straight to practice after school, then to work at Trattoria Serventi.  

Kehrig prefers to run in groups because of the dynamic it adds to the sport.

“That group of friends I do run with there is a lot of comradery, and we’re constantly feeding off of each other,” he said. “Because of that we push each other, we’re working together to finish the workout, and building off of each others’ energy to do that.”