Flawless skin, or not: Kat Von D’s Good Apple foundation vs Covergirl’s Simply Ageless

Covergirl Simply Ageless: ★★★★★ KVD Good Apple: ★★

Flawless skin, or not: Kat Von D’s Good Apple foundation vs Covergirl’s Simply Ageless

Photo credit: Alyssa King

By Alyssa King, Intern

Kat Von D Beauty has been creating high-quality and cruelty-free makeup since 2008 by constantly coming out with new and innovative products. The newest Kat Von D product is the Good Apple foundation. The foundation claims to be a cream to powder balm with a lightweight matte finish. This vegan foundation is infused with apple extract and sodium hyaluronate to help nourish and hydrate skin. Good Apple and various dupes have recently gained traction on TikTok and I was so excited to see if the products lived up to the hype. 

 With the Kat Von D foundation being very popular it was hard to find a store that had it in stock online or in person. After some searching for a while, I found an Ulta Beauty that had my shade.  The Covergirl Simply Ageless dupe however was very easy to come by, with many shades available at Target. The prices were very different, the Good Apple foundation was $38.00 and the Simply Ageless was $12.19. 

I decided to do a 10-hour wear test with each foundation on half of my face. The application of the Good Apple foundation claimed to be full coverage and I would disagree, it didn’t cover much and I had to layer more on. However the Simply Ageless was full coverage, I barely applied any at first and it completely hid all my blemishes. Both products stated they are a cream to powder foundation and they definitely are. The Good Apple foundation took less than three minutes to fully dry and have a matte finish, although it made my complexion look extremely dry. The Simply Ageless dupe dried much quicker and my skin looked very nourished. They both were very buildable and lightweight. 

Three hours into the wear the Good Apple foundation became less effective and required touch ups in the T-zone. The Simply Ageless was doing quite well, no touch up was required whatsoever. About an hour later I noticed I looked 15 years older on the side of my face with the Good Apple foundation, it became very cakey and dry, showing every crease. I had to completely take it off and reapply it. The Simply Ageless was still going strong, it looked exactly how it did when I first Applied it. 

At the very end of the day the Simply Ageless looked amazing, it looked fresh and creamy. I was very disappointed with the Good Apple foundation. Once again it looked very dry and cakey. Overall, considering the price and the quality I would not purchase the Good Apple foundation again. It was not worth the $38.00, it would be much easier and money efficient to go for the Covergirl Simply Ageless dupe. All and all I would give the Good Apple foundation a 2/5 and the Simply Ageless a 5/5.