The right pens to write with: top three pens to use in school


Photo credit: Gabbi Bielak

By Gabbi Bielak, Section Editor

Sharpie S-Gel (★★★★)

The Sharpie S-Gel pen is the brand’s most recent product release, and as a long-time lover of the Sharpie brand, I had high hopes for this pen. I purchased it with a medium point (o.7mm) and black ink. A pack of eight of these pens sells for $10.91 at and is available at a list of stores including Staples, Target and Amazon. For eight pens, the price was a nice mid-range point compared to other products on the market and is available in three point sizes and five colors. However, I can’t help but wonder if some of the cost is just for the brand name. 

Once I opened the pack of pens to use one, what I first noticed was the feel of it. It has a sturdy weight and a grip for your hand to rest on as you write. The S-Gel pens are retractable, and have a clicking system that isn’t too loud, so as not to affect others around you. The ink itself is fairly thick for a gel pen. It writes incredibly smooth, requiring barely any pressure to leave a mark on your page. The line of the 0.7mm pen is the perfect thickness for legible writing. 

Unfortunately, the strokes are less than perfect, sometimes leaving small clumps of ink along letters or lines in my writing. The ink is also very susceptible to smudging, and even after a full five seconds, the ink isn’t fully dry. I found that as I moved to the next line of my writing, my hand would smudge the previous.

Overall, Sharpie’s S-Gel pen didn’t quite live up to my expectations. As some of us students return to school, this is not the first pen I’d recommend for lecture notes or any writing to be done fast. However, if your goal is to take your time, this pen will give you a nice enough final product to be satisfied.


Linc Offix L.V (★★★★)

The Linc Offix brand’s Low Velocity (L.V) pen is a standard. This pen can be found on the shelves at almost any store carrying office supplies. I purchased a box of 50 pens in a black ink for $9.65. The price is super affordable, and you get quite the bang for your buck with 5o pens. This product is offered in red, blue and black ink.

The feeling of this pen in your hand is smooth. It has a sleek, plastic body that is easy to hold comfortably. The cap pops on and off easily with little to no noise. The pen strokes are smooth and consistent, not leaving any blotching or skipping. There is hardly a smudge factor at all, the ink completely dries down after just two seconds. 

If I had to critique this pen for one thing, it would be the color of it’s ink. The color isn’t a deep black, it has a shiny blue tint that I didn’t quite expect.

This pen is perfect for long papers and fast notes in a classroom or workplace. Its quick-drying ink and smooth hand feel makes for a great pen to be used for long periods of time, and it’s price and offered locations make it accessible to nearly anyone. I would definitely recommend this pen to anyone looking for a new writing tool.


Uni-Ball Vision (★★★★★)

The Uni-Ball Vision is the most versatile pen I know. It is available in nine different colors and in a fine point (o.7mm). A twelve pack of black pens is available on Amazon for $19.77. They do seem a bit pricey at first, but they are worth the extra money.

This pen has a shiny outer finish that is sleek and easy to hold. It has a sturdy weight keeping it balanced. The pen cap is easy to click on and off, with a simple pop sound. The ink is a deep, velvet black color that stands out. Each stroke is bold and consistent, there is no spotting or skipping in your writing. There is also no visible smudging, making your work look neater. The look of my writing is so visually appealing, I can’t help but continue to write and doodle.

Overall, this pen is my favorite. It’s good for writing and drawing, with low smudging. This is the one that will be in my backpack as we return to school.