The best post-Valentine’s Day sale chocolate


Photo credit: Drew Lovell

Above, the three reviewed chocolate bars.

By Drew Lovell, Intern

Valentine’s Day has passed, but one may still have a certain somebody in mind.  Whether it’s friends, family or a lover, chocolate is always a great gift idea. For a special occasion like Valentine’s Day, you may want to consider gifting something a little more special than a common Hershey’s bar. In that case, I reviewed a few sleek bars for you to consider.

Appearance and Approachability

Looking at the appearance and approachability alone, each chocoolate makes quite the impression. Each contains a wonderfully presented bar of chocolate, wrapped in a shiny foil. Out of the three bars, the Godiva chocolates are the only ones individually wrapped. They are all tucked nicely together into one easy-to-open and easy-to-close box, comparable to a box of gum. The Lindt chocolate comes in a box as well, but it was more difficult to split into pieces.  The vertically-oriented box is opened from the top, so in order to get the chocolate, you have to pour out the whole block. The Cadbury box has the same configuration so I experienced similar issues with it. Godiva was the clear winner in the appearance and packaging category. If your valentine is most focused on appearance, definitely buy them the Godiva chocolates.


The taste, of course, is another factor that you have to consider when gifting chocolate. The Godiva chocolates taste was the most intense for me.  After my first bite, I couldn’t handle having another piece for the rest of the day because it is so overwhelmingly sweet. I personally don’t have very much of a sweet tooth which is why I had such a reaction, but it would be perfect for someone with a big sweet tooth.  Despite the fact that these bars are all milk chocolate, the Lindt chocolate tastes more like dark chocolate.  For somebody overwhelmed by a lot of sweetness, like me, the taste of the Lindt is perfect.  Cadbury, on the other hand, was much sweeter than Lindt, but it wasn’t too sweet for me to handle.  Cadbury I would say was likely the most balanced of the bunch in terms of sweetness.  Overall, it really all depends on whether or not you enjoy a lot of sugar.  


When buying a chocolate you also need to think about how it feels in your mouth, or the texture. It’s mainly a preference thing, as the texture of none of these chocolates is bad. They’re all smooth chocolates, but their hardness varies.  Godiva to me was the softest of the group, melting the quickest in my mouth.  Lindt, however, was the hardest chocolate, although still not too hard.  If it’s for somebody who likes to bite down on their candy and chew it a lot, they will definitely enjoy Lindt. Cadbury was still pretty soft but did require more of a bite.  It chewed nicely, and melted subtly. 

These chocolate bars serve as your guide and all serve as a great treat for the special person you plan to give it to.  Gifts aren’t meaningful without thought, however, so be certain of your choice.  Although they are all worth it, the choice is yours.