A perfect scent for every mood


A perfect scent for every mood

Photo credit: Stephanie Karoutsos

By Stephanie Karoutsos, Intern

Social Media has influenced many people to purchase the popular perfume and cream created by Sol de Janeiro. The company was founded in 2015 and is known as capturing the beauty of Brazil in a bottle. The name “Sol de Janeiro” comes from the Portuguese phrase “Sun of January.” This brand has recently become very popular because of its light weight formula and soft vanilla scent that leave you smelling delicious. Not only does Sol de Janeiro create amazing smelling scents and cream, the company is also gluten and paraben free creating a safer scent with many less chemicals for people to enjoy and love.  The Sol de Janeiro bottle is a hard one to miss. The scent “Pistachio and Salted Caramel Pistache” comes in a very vibrant yellow container with “Brazilian Crush” written in all caps largely across the top of the bottle. 

The Brazilian Crush perfume mist is the most popular fragrance sold by Sol de Janeiro. The scent contains a mist of heavier vanilla, salted caramel and light pistachio. This mix is a very fresh and strong fragrance, but at the same time is also very light and airy. The scent gives off a summer vibe and is an iconic forever scent. Unlike other perfume mists, the Brazilian Crush mist is a forever scent because of its natural smell and clean airy feel. The perfume’s unique scent will last you around 5-6 hours without applying multiple times. The Brazilian Crush mist is not only meant as a typical perfume, but can be sprayed on hair, clothes and body to receive this delicious lingering scent.

Alongside the perfume you can purchase the matching moisturizer known as the “Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.” The cream has a soft scent and includes a gourmet blend of heavier vanilla, light almond, and light caramel that becomes more subtle when applied onto the skin. This isn’t just a typical body cream, it has a thicker, silky paste that when applied leaves a shiny moisturizing finish. My skin is left smelling fresh with a vanilla aroma and soft because of the rich absorbing hydrating elements. 

Immediately I would give both the Brazilian Crush perfume and Brazilian Bum Bum cream a 4.5/5 stars. The compliments I’ve received represent the quality and smell of both the cream and perfume. The price for the 240 ML fragrance is $38 which is reasonable for how large the bottle is and how popular the company is currently. The cream price comes in at $48 for 240 ML. The only downside I found with the products is the cream because the cap doesn’t stay on tight and slides off easily.