Small Plates

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By Lauren Semack, Senior Assistant Editor

Right across from the Detroit Opera House sits a minuscule restaurant called Small Plates. Filled with tables covered in butcher paper, younger guests draw while adults admire the tastefully spray-painted artwork covering the walls. The concept of this unique restaurant is modeled after other countries’ cultural mealtime traditions. The Italians call it Antipasti and the Chinese call it Dim Sum.

A communal-styled eating excursion, Small Plates has a myriad of choices from steak to salad. Each order contains itty-bitty portions to share with the table. Small portions allow each member to get something desired yet are not too filling. The server will ask if it’s okay to bring out orders as they’re ready — say, “Yes.” This will provide time in between dishes to digest and talk.

The service is pristine. Also, it can take time for all of your dishes to emerge fresh from the kitchen, so call for reservations to ensure buffer time for more orders of a certain plate.

Small Plates is at

1521 Broadway St. Detroit, MI 48226
Tel: 313-963-0702