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Lauren Semack

Lauren Semack, Web Content Editor

Oh hi there. I see you’ve stumbled upon my staff bio. I’m Lauren Semack, one of two four-year staff members. I’ve been a staff reporter, assistant editor and section editor throughout my four years. This year, I hold a role as a web content manager, helping getting this website launched. I also enjoy sitting on our ever-insightful editorial board and pointing out ways the government is turning into Big Brother. Next fall, I will be attending Michigan State University’s Residential College for Arts and Humanities. Screenwriting is where I want to go, but politics and medicine also are major interests of mine.

I wouldn’t make it through the news cycle without my partner in crime and another four-year staff member, Maria Liddane. I am the beta, she is the alpha. I am jelly, she is peanut butter. I am Meredith, she is Cristina. I am Harry, she is William. I am Ferb, she is Phineas. Oh, there you are Perry.


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May 15, 2014
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