“Color Ballz” is challenging fun


Photo Credit: Itunes

By Allison Lackner, Business Manager

The player sits there wondering where the time went after playing Color Ballz. The new updated version of this game is highly addictive for all ages. The player just wants to keep playing in hopes of beating their previous score.

The player just wants to keep playing in hopes of beating their previous score.

This app is an updated version of Arkanoid with a colorful twist. There are balls let out at random times and the point of the game is to get those balls back into the loop to keep the game going. So once the ball is let out the player has to bounce it back up with a moving bar that they control and the aim is to get it into a slot to keep the game going. If the player doesn’t hit the ball and it falls down to that bottom, there is less chances to get the ball into the slot to continue that game. It is sad missing the balls and makes the player want to succeed even more.

Color Ballz has power-ups options if the player wants to upgrade the balls in order to advance in the game even more. The upgrades include making the balls a size larger and different colors to earn more points. The simplicity of the app keeps the players wanting to keep playing.   

Color Ballz is free there are a lot of ads, the advertisements really kill the intense feeling from the game. But once the game is over, the player can watch a thirty second video to receive more balls for their current game.

The downfall of the game is when the player wants to pause the game to go do something else or think for a second, the pause button is at the very top of the screen almost forcing the player to lose a few balls because they can’t do both.

The app is free and is truly addicting, so it’s worth downloading and playing for a little bit before the next addicting app comes out.