Apex Legends: Fortune’s Favor

By Justin Vaughan, Staff Reporter

Credit: Dexerto

Quarantine hasn’t stopped the game developers at Respawn from releasing the fifth season of the battle royale game Apex Legends, titled “Fortune’s Favor.” Three months ago I did a review on the 4th season of Apex Legends, ever since then, the game’s storyline has delved deeper into each of the legend’s lives.
Last season introduced Revenant, an assassin who murdered the parents of this season’s newest legend, Loba. Season five of Apex launched on May 12, featuring a revamped version of the original Kings Canyon map, Loba, Quests, treasure packs, and a new battle pass for players. Upon every season’s release, Apex releases cinematic trailers for players to get a glimpse of what the season will be like. 

As seen in the trailer, Loba tracks down Revenant in Kings Canyon to seek revenge for her parent’s death, only to cause the destruction of Kings Canyon’s most popular location, Skull Town. Salvage, which will be taking the place of Skull Town, is only one of the three new locations that were added to the map. The other two are the Rig and Capacitor. I thought this season’s map was very crisp and easy to navigate because the new points of view players could engage in from location to location was very balanced. With zip lines, balloons, bridges and tunnels, it isn’t hard to gain the upper-hand in battle with height control.

Along with a season trailer, Apex always releases a battle pass trailer to give players insight as to what skins, charms, quips, skydives and loading screens they can earn. In my opinion, Apex’s paid content is getting better every season. In addition, to the traditional content, Apex has introduced Quests and treasure packs, a progressive PvE mode centered around the treasure Loba is seeking. Players who choose to partake in the PvE mode will need treasure packs to both unlock each Story and the rewards for it.

Last but not least is Loba. Thus far, I think Loba is the most well-developed in the game. With the help of this season’s storyline, we got to know a lot about Loba before she entered battle. Loba is known as a high-profile thief. Ever since Loba’s parents were murdered by Revenant, Loba turned to steal, just like her parents. That explains how her family and she became rich. As you can tell by this season’s title: “Fortune’s Favor,” all of this season’s storyline will be focused on a treasure. 

Loba, specifically, delivers a lot in gameplay. As always, Legends have three different types of abilities: passive, tactical and ultimate. Since Loba is a thief, her abilities are mainly centered around acquiring loot. Her eye for quality ability allows her to see high tier loot through walls but is limited to a radius. Her tactical burglar’s best friend ability acts as a teleportation device. Finally, her ultimate black marketability sucks in all nearby loot to select from. With these abilities, Loba can interchange between a passive and aggressive legend. Loba will be used by a lot of players because of how helpful and unique she is. 

Overall, this is the best season with all it has to offer. I’m having so much fun playing this season so far and can’t wait to see where it goes. I give this season 4 stars for its variety of content. Don’t forget to check out the season for yourselves.