The “Fury Unleashed”

By Brandon Miller, Staff Reporter

If you’re spending quarantine like me, you have probably been playing a lot of video games to pass the time, whether it is online with friends or by yourself. Despite how fun those games might be, it’s always fun to mix things up now and then with something new. With this thought in mind, I went into the Microsoft store and was pleasantly surprised to find a little indie game by the name of “Fury Unleashed.”

“Fury Unleashed” is a fast-paced action platformer that is most definitely worth your time and the $20 price tag. The game takes place from the perspective of a fictional comic book character known as Fury, as he is contacted by the mysterious Mr. Doodle, who is struggling to write stories about Fury.  He helps Mr. Doodle remember why he loved Fury, and he breathes new life into the series. I will not spoil the story here, but it honestly surprised me with how heartfelt it seemed in a game that is mostly chaotic with fast-paced action. 

The gameplay consists of running and gunning your way through each level, finding new weapons, power-ups and armor along the way. The game has tons of weapons to blast and batter your enemies with, everything from a gun that fires angry insects to the simple baseball bat. While this weapon variety is one of the coolest parts of “Fury Unleashed,” it also happens to be part of my biggest complaint about the game. Any time you die, you lose whatever weapons, armor and power-ups you collected and must start at the beginning of whatever level you were on unless you have unlocked the other levels. It wouldn’t be a problem for me if you could re-equip any of your gear, but you have to go back into the level and hope you get your items back. It is a little irritating to have some really fun weapons on me, only to get hit by one stray bullet, lose all my stuff and pray I get it back from a randomly generated chest somewhere in the level. 

Something that may seem obvious already, the game is incredibly difficult. The first couple of times you try to play, don’t get discouraged because, without upgrades or knowledge of how the game works, you will die. A lot. There is an easier difficulty that allows you to change settings such as enemy health, and the amount of damage you take, but playing the game in this way was far less satisfying. Unfortunately, no matter how you play the game, it is pretty short, unless you play on the harder difficulty and die as much as I did. As for some smaller details, “Fury Unleashed” offers lots of customization for your character to make them truly your own, as well as lots of upgrades to make yourself even stronger. Overall, “Fury Unleashed” is an awesome game that I would definitely recommend giving a try.

Credit: Nintendo