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‘La La Land’ lives up to the hype

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By Emma Brock, Digital Editor

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While some may easily rise to stardom, others have to take the long road. The 1960s-style movie musical, “La La Land,” puts a romantic twist on the classic tale of aspiring artists in Hollywood.

Mia (Emma Stone), a budding actress, and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), an enthusiastic jazz musician, struggle to make their dreams come true in present-day Los Angeles.

Passion and dedication is what brings these two dreamers together. As the film goes on, viewers watch both of them face opportunity and rejection.

The two share their first song together, “A Lovely Night,” after they briefly meet at a party. The chemistry between them is what makes the story so realistic.

From the romance to the soundtrack, this movie will have viewers thoroughly invested in the film days after leaving the theatre. The performances, especially from Gosling, were marvelous. In addition to acting, Gosling also sings on the soundtrack of the album–a nice change from the usual use of a separate singer. His vocal and piano performances may be shocking for viewers who only know him as an actor.

The struggle between the two develops when Sebastian reunites with a high school friend, Keith, (John Legend) and he offers him a spot in his band, the Messengers, as a pianist. While the Messengers play a different kind of music than Sebastian likes, he takes the job anyway. This diversion causes Mia to question Sebastian, since it isn’t really his true passion. Casting a well-known pop artist into a movie musical really enhanced the quality of the production and overall cast. Not to mention his acting skills were also up to par.

Trouble stirs and emotions start to really kick in when the couple get into an argument over the music Sebastian is producing. Emma Stone has a great performance during this scene, expressing the anger and confusion but also concern over the future and how Gosling’s career will go.  

The movie continues to flaunt the excellent chemistry between the two even after Mia goes her separate way to continue her hopes of becoming a famous actress. The film goes through many flashbacks and flash-forwards. The nonlinear approach weakens the movie. There should have been scenes where viewers are able to watch both of them grow while being separated and then getting what they’ve always wanted: a chance.

There is one thing that is evident by the end of the movie: they both have done what they’ve always wanted, even if that means not getting everything.

“La La Land” is a entertaining ride with performances by all kinds of talented and dedicated actors. By the end of it all viewers will be lining up to see it again.

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