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Emma Brock

Emma Brock, design editor

Hi! My name’s Emma Brock. I’m currently a senior and a four year staff member on North Pointe. I joined my freshman year and came in as a shy high schooler who didn’t know where she would fit in. Being on North Pointe has really shown me where I belong and what I love to do. I’ve enjoyed every second spent in this class. The people I have had the pleasure to work with throughout the years as well as Mrs. Adwers have truly changed my life. They’ve allowed me to set higher expectations for myself and realize what I am capable of. They have also always encouraged me in every way to do my best. I currently hold the position of design editor on staff. I love designing pages and being able to put my ideas on a page.  That is what I love the most. During these four years I have grown so much as a writer, designer and worker. I have no one else to thank other than my staff members and Mrs. Adwers. This class has given me a family and a place where I always feel comfortable.

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