The Happy Fits & Honey, Be Well: Concert review

By Gabbi Bielak, Staff Reporter

The Happy Fits with special guest Honey, Be Well was one of the most low-key concerts I’ve been to. The Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis was a small venue, holding only about 100 people. Tickets were $15 for general admission, and the concert had a standing room only.

 Honey, Be Well opened with about seven songs, a mix of original and cover pieces. Their sound was a blend of alternative and indie, and the band’s overall stage presence was laid-back. They truly just wanted to vibe with the audience. While the lead singer changed guitars, the band played fun references to pop-culture, such as the Wii theme song, to keep the audience engaged and give them a good laugh. Overall, these guys were active and interesting to watch. I would definitely see another concert with them.

As for the Happy Fits, I cannot begin to describe how entertaining their show was. Before the venue doors opened, the band was outside talking and hanging out with fans. They treated the audience as friends by making jokes on stage, walking around the main floor, and with a meet and greet for everyone after the show. 

On to their actual performance. They opened with their fast track “Achey Bones” to engage fans and get them dancing. They continued with high energy tracks for a couple more tunes until they slowed down with their song “Reason for Dreaming.” Once the audience was calm, The Happy Fits played an unreleased song off of their upcoming album. This specific show was the first audience to hear this track live, so it was an amazing way to make the concert unique. 

During their song “Hungry People,” the band expressed its New Jersey roots by having the audience fist pump along to the track. This was a fun way to engage the audience, and the band smiled as everyone joined in. They closed their set with their hit “Grow Back,” which is perhaps one of the highest energy songs they have. The performance was amazing. Even when lead guitarist Ross Monteith’s acoustic guitar had a malfunction in the middle of a “Reason For Dreaming,” he continued to play and laugh with the audience members. They are a great band to see if looking for a laid-back experience, and I will definitely be seeing them again in the future. I danced with the other audience members, as we all sang along with the band. These guys remain one of my favorite bands and their music is worth hearing live.

Noah McCormick, Honey, Be Well
Ross Monteith, The Happy Fits
Calvin Langman, The Happy Fits