Kahan’s Stick Season Tour has “All My Love”


By Madi Lucido, Copy Editor

Photo credit: Alyssa King

The February cold was no match for the dedicated fans of Noah Kahan, and I was no exception. If it means seeing my favorite artist live, I’d take on the four hour wait all over again. Noah Kahan is

currently on his Stick Season tour where he performed at The Fillmore Detroit on Feb. 10. After catching fame from his vulnerable indie-pop music, he began his tour, the Detroit location sold out. After a long-awaited, “Up next, fast pass admission,” my sister, friends and I rushed into the theater where we settled just feet away from the stage. 

As we waited for the opener, I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful architecture of the Fillmore lit up by green and blue lights. A projection of abstract figures was displayed across the back of the stage, creating an almost mystical environment. It was also a small venue compared to other arenas which naturally made the concert more casual and intimate. 

Jack Vancleaf opened with five songs in which he humbly performed. As the crowd responded to his vocals with swaying flashlights, he couldn’t hold back his smile. He perfectly fit the energy of the crowd as his songs were chill and sentimental, matching a similar vibe to Kahan’s albums with more of a country undertone. The album he performed, “Fruit from the Trees” is his most well-known work which includes my favorite song of his, “Rattlesnake.” Vancleaf and his band were also ready for pictures and conversations at the end of the show revealing how personable they really are. I didn’t know what to expect from the opening act considering I hadn’t previously listened to him, but I walked away with five new songs added to my playlist. 

After Vancleaf finished, the anticipation rose as everyone prepared for Kahan. When he made his way onto the stage the energy automatically elevated. Although the audience, including myself, was in awe of him, his simple outfit consisting of a black t-shirt and Carhartt overalls emulated his genuine personality which made him seem far more familiar. “False Confidence” was the perfect opening song because of the upbeat chorus which the crowd sang word for word. This was particularly exciting to hear in person for my sister and me because of the many steering wheel drumming sessions we have conducted to this beat. 

His upbeat songs were followed by his more emotional ones paused by explanations of their backgrounds. Although the stops were quick, I enjoyed his witty comments and stories that showed his humor which some may consider dark yet relatable. I personally appreciated seeing his personality

through his chatting and singing during some songs more than others. “Homesick,” “Orange Juice” and “View Between Villages” felt the most personal and overflowed the theater with emotion and intensity. I noticed his excitement while singing the quicker songs, especially “Homesick,” which happens to be one of his favorite songs to perform. I do however think that his talent was mainly showcased during his slower songs. He occasionally added additional notes which revealed his vocal range which got surprised reactions from the audience. 

Unlike any other concert I have been to, there was little going on in the background and the band was highlighted almost as much as Kahan himself. With each member taking turns stepping into the spotlight, the four musicians got to solo their instruments. I loved hearing the banjo specifically in “All My Love” which I have always thought makes this song so unique. Pairing the faces and instruments to each part of the songs was really interesting to see because I have only ever pictured Kahan while listening to his music.

The overall performance, vibe, and setting flawlessly aligned with Kahan’s simple music. The Fillmore, which was lit up by colored lights, created a comforting environment and shifted attention to his detailed songs and incredible voice. Other than the obligatory boyfriends dragged along, the crowd was full of fans who genuinely love his music. His candid personality along with all these other factors made it such a unique concert experience that I would give it 5/5 stars. 

Photo credit: Madi Lucido