Superintendent search calls for student feedback

Superintendent search calls for student feedback

Photo credit: Amelia Nowicki

By Alexa Mazzola, Intern

As the search for the new district superintendent continues, a meeting between the search firm and a group of selected students allowed the latter to voice their opinions on the matter. In agreement with other students, senior Mia Cassar believes that the focus of the new superintendent should be the community.

“Myself, as well as other students, suggested to the search firm (School Exec Connect) to look for someone that will be a strong leader in unifying our community,” Cassar said. 

For Cassar, having strong connections with the schools and having a deep understanding of the big issues will be a huge opportunity for the future superintendent to show the community they will be a head-on leader. That being said, many remain in favor of an outsider’s perspective due to the appeal of a fresh approach to pertinent issues within the district. 

“Because I think the polar divide is such a big problem here, I recommended that the person come from outside of the district,” Cassar said.