Chair yoga 

Chair yoga 

Photo credit: Allie Mattes

By Allie Mattes, Intern

The Wellness Fair on Dec. 8 and 9 was hosted by Peer2Peer, a group that aims to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. The fair provided resources to students to alleviate stress and included calming activities for anxiety. They also brought in a yoga instructor to host chair yoga during lunchtime. 

By practicing a series of poses with breathwork from your own chair, you can start to notice positive changes in your physical and mental state. According to yoga instructor Kolleen Yeloushan, chair yoga is both beneficial and realistic on a day-to-day basis. 

“The benefits of chair yoga are increased clarity and focus,” Yeloushan said. “Chair yoga invites space into the body as well as the mind.”

These classes are especially worthwhile for students, easing the stress and putting a pause on the long school day. Sophomore Jhilmil Chhaya attended yoga with an open mind and came out feeling at ease. Chhaya recommends this activity for students as a way to manage stress.

 “I think they should attend because it really lets go of all your stress and you learn a lot about your body,” Chhaya said.