Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack lacks true Halloween spirit

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By Caitlin Bush and Allison Lackner

The only spooky thing about Sims 4 Spooky Stuff Pack is how little you get for $10. Halloween is associated with tricking-or-treating and haunted houses, both which this pack lacks.

A new feature that comes with the pack is a pumpkin carving station. The Sims can increase their handiness skill (a hobby the Sims could pick up). Carving pumpkins is the biggest feature that came with the update because it can make Sims angry, more skilled and even haunted. When the Sim reaches level 5 handiness skill their pumpkin can be used as a ghost Sim’s head.

The pack overall has a major lack of decorations and furniture. The furniture would only be appropriate if you wanted to make a haunted or vacant house. The Sims 3 expansion pack, Seasons, should have been included in this expansion pack as well. The holidays without the seasons is a little odd and can make your house look out of place.

The expansion pack also came with a new party option, spooky party. But the lack of decorations makes it hard to really get into the Halloween spirit. A new playlist is also included and sounds like a soundtrack straight out of a murder film. The party objectives are super easy to reach and when you reach the party goal, the reward is a moving picture that changes back and forth from creepy to normal. When you throw a spooky party the Sims can change into a premade costume or you can chose your own.

In create-a-sim there is only four costumes which can correspond for couples. The costumes are well executed but a wider variety would’ve been nice. Skeleton and fairy princess makeup is also included with the expansion pack. This allows for Sims costumes to be more elaborate. Along with the costumes there are shoes that go with them to wear. There are gladiator sandals and pirate boots. Since the boots are made for a costume they are hard to incorporated into a normal everyday outfit which is a disappointment. A new category for costumes was not included so you have to make a second outfit in the everyday category for the Sims costume.

A spooky candy bowl was also added to the game as a decoration along with tombstones and spider webs. The candy bowl can treat Sims and their guests with either a trick or something sweet. Mysterious things can come out, like a nasty hand or green smoke. The Sims will be angry for about an hour but will become happy when treated with candy. The candy bowl is a staple Halloween piece but is quite unnecessary because there is no trick-or-treating added to the game.

This pack is a major step back from EA’s usual creations. They didn’t capture the meaning of Halloween and not enough was included for the priced paid.