Sims 4: Get Together proves a worthy expansion pack

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By Caitlin Bush and Allison Lackner

Sims 4: Get Together is the only expansion pack worth buying and downloading to this date in order to enjoy gameplay. The expansion pack is worth the $40 price since it adds things Simmers couldn’t even imagine in their wildest dreams, exceeding their expectations.

The expansion pack comes with a European-inspired town called Winsenburg, where Sims can visit newly added locations to shop, club and eat. These options present variety for the Sims in an original fashion due to the introduction of coffee shops, formerly unheard of in The Sims 3.

However, the pack resembles The Sims: Hot Date, The Sims 2: Nightlife, The Sims 2: FreeTime and The Sims 3: Late Night. Each gamer can find similar clothes and gameplay in this pack that is inspired from the other popular packs.

Get Together includes modern clothing for all genders and ages. The clothes represent different styles, including boho, DJ, dancer and barista. EA designed all of the clothes perfectly to fit into this new pack. Only two pairs of shoes are included in the pack, a pair of heels and boots. Sims 3: Late Night included many more options of shoes and the trend should have carried on to this expansion pack as well.

New hairstyles, which are also beautifully made by EA, come with this pack. For example, the game offers a side braid for females and a nice man ponytail for the guys.

A disappointing factor about this pack is the makeup. Since the pack is related to partying, the makeup represents that aspect well, but it is not appropriate for everyday life.

Two new skills were added to exemplify the Sims personalities; insider and dance machine, a definite improvement since it adds to the amount of character choices from previous packs. The insider trait implies the Sim’s love for partying with fellow Sims and the dance machine trait implies the Sims love for dance. Dancing is also a new skill Sims can learn.

The most important new feature is that the Sims can join and lead clubs. Each player has the option to create a new club for their Sims or make them join a previous club. Joining a club can be difficult if the club has strict requirements—Sims has to have a specific trait to join the club. When making a new club, the gamer can pick requirements based on the club they want to create. Some of the requirements can be age, traits, social traits and skill level. A Sim would take much pride in being the club’s leader if the Sim’s aspiration is to be the head of the pack. The groups can gain club points by doing activities related to it, and with the points, the club can receive rewards like sweet handshakes.

The pack also offers new items such as a DJ booth for Sims to gain the ability to DJ at clubs or wherever a booth is available. The game also showcases a new coffee bar to make cafe drinks and can be found around town, even next to the Sim’s home. New pool accessories are also an exciting addition, like the new diving platform. Sims can perform and perfect different jumps while furthering their athletic skill.

The expansion pack is worth every penny because of the new items, clothes and most importantly, the new gameplay. Everything coincides nicely with one another, making nothing feel misplaced or unneeded. Get Together is the only expansion pack the Sims 4 needs.