Sensational actors play out predictable plot


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By Allison Lackner and Bella Lawson

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

As the eleventh whirlwind romance to be produced from novel to film, Nicholas Sparks’ The Choice, had big shoes to fill. The movie is just like the other soppy love stories but with enhanced performances and visually-appealing scenery. The differences  made the same old same old love story a different one worth seeing.

The lead pair was Travis Parker, (Benjamin Walker) and Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer).  The emotional turmoil of viewers began right away due to the amazing chemistry between the two. The actors worked really well together and it shows in the final product. Travis’ laid back way of life deterred him from being in a committed relationship, that is, until he meet Gabby. Gabby, stubborn at first eventually gave into Travis with his romantic ways.  Just like the routine formula of the rest of Nicholas Sparks’ films and books, the two fell in love.

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Despite the predictable plot and other minor issues with the movie, the beautiful setting and different angles of focus used by the camera to contrast the different feelings felt by both Gabby and Travis were in sync with their personalities and beliefs. The movie seemed to be set the southeast of the United States. Every frame looked like a painting, the Florida-esque locations made the viewers want to leave for vacation right away with the sandy beaches and light blue waters.

The mostly instrumental soundtrack for The Choice directly correlates with the feelings felt by both the characters in the movie, and the viewers in the crowd. A common tone and occurrence in the soundtrack was the ‘hopeful’ beat for recovery and falling in love and a gloomy tone, foreshadowing the car accident, featured in the trailer.

Though the actors were impeccably casted and  were “made for the roles”, the trailer gave too much intel on the plot of the movie, spoiling the climax  for viewers who have not read the novel.  Previously shown in the trailer, Gabby gets into a car crash and she is admitted to hospital. This accident plays a major role in the plot of the movie and should not have been previewed in the trailer.  

Moviegoers and viewers with a more romantic taste in films would enjoy The Choice greatly due to its reiterated theme: boy meets girl, they fall in love, tragic accident, happily ever after.