Season five of ‘The Goldbergs’ premieres on ABC

By Hannah Zalewski, Intern

Season five of “The Goldbergs” premiered on Sept. 27th on ABC. Picking up right where it left off in season four, Erica (Hayley Orrantia) is getting ready to go to college. In true Beverly Goldberg (Wendi Mclendon-Covey) fashion, she follows Erica to college and stays the first night in her daughter’s dorm room. Along with scaring Erica’s resident advisor, Beverly manages to irritate Erica’s roommate with her life story.

At the same time Adam (Sean Giambrone) is off trying to get Barry (Tony Gentile) a new girlfriend to distract Barry from harassing him at school. Paying homage to the 1985 movie “Weird Science,” Adam tries to trick Barry into thinking that they hacked into NASA and have created his dream girl. In reality, it’s just Adam’s girlfriend, Jackie (Rowan Blanchard), on the other end. With the information gained, Jackie and Adam manage to come up with a less than satisfactory girl for Barry.

Wendi Mclendon-Covey’s Beverly Goldberg, is a humorous character that helps create the dynamic of the show. Her “smother” quirks allows anyone with an overprotective mother to relate and makes those that do not realize how lucky they are. Paired with her husband Murray’s don’t care attitude, the the two are an entertaining couple that always manages to make one laugh.

In this season it will be interesting to see what will come of Erica without her mother breathing down her neck constantly and how she will develop as a character away from her home life. Just the same, Barry will need to find a new outlet to channel his energy into, whether it be a new girl, school or possibly a new hobby now that he is a single man.

At the end of every episode, a video from the director (Adam F. Goldberg)’s life plays. Each episode is based on an event that happened in his childhood. This element adds a realistic quality that other shows lack. You actually get to see that parts of the episode that really happened to a young teenage boy, making the show feel all the more relatable.

“The Goldbergs” has been going strong for four years. Growth within the characters of the show will be crucial this season to keep the the show feeling fresh and realistic.